How to make fruit and vegetable juice (vitamins & nutrients)

Eating natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, according to nutrition experts, can improve brain function, help lose weight, build the immune system and help the body fight various diseases.

Juice is a fun way to enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables to get a healthy body.

By making juice, we can mix various kinds of fruits and vegetables to get a delicious taste and various benefits.

The colors found in fruits and vegetables indicate the benefits contained in them.

For example, red fruit, rich in lycopene which is good for stabilizing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and so on.

Although juice is a healthy dish, if you don't know how to make it properly, the nutrients in the juice can be lost or reduced. For that, this time I will review how to make fruit and vegetable juices so that the vitamins are not lost and the nutrients are maintained.


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