How to make jelly out of compote making a fruit dessert with gelatin

 Ingredients Fruit (apple, pear) - 1 piece, canned or fresh seedless cherries - half a cup, mint - 2 sprigs, gelatin - 3 tablespoons, sugar - 100 g, water - 500 ml. Step by step preparation

Remove the skin from the apple and pear and cut into slices. Prepare the syrup: dissolve the sugar in hot water, boil it and leave on low heat. Put sliced apples and pears for a couple of minutes in the boiling syrup, let them stew a bit, and then take away. Take the syrup off heat and cool. Place a layer of apples and pears at the bottom of the molds, put the cherries on top. Pre-soaked gelatin put on low heat until completely melted. Do not allow the mass to boil, as the gelatin will lose its properties. Add the gelatin to the syrup and stir. Pour the syrup into the muffin tins, garnish with the mint and leave to set in the refrigerator until firm.


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