How to make money from quarantine in 2021!

Method 1.

Paid "bukses" are sites which pay money for the simplest tasks, read the letter, subscribe to a channel in YouTube, browse a site within 60 seconds and so on, for similar things there are sites and applications


Method 2


It is possible to invest in: real estate (buy an apartment and rent it out, or open a business), cryptocurrency (buy currency at a low price and sell it later at a high one) there is a lot to convert into, so if you are interested - look it up online or on YouTube


Way 3

Earn with your skills

You will ask me "what is the meaning of this?"

I'll answer - if you know how to do something, like making beautiful logos, you can proudly and confidently go to a freelancing site!


Way 4


Yes it's like a way, albeit a bad way.

The bottom line is this - you buy a product at a lower price and sell the product at a higher price


Way 4

Handmade robot at home!

Yes this is a great way to make money!

You can make salt crystals and sell them, at the time of writing the price of one such crystal is - 3-15 dollars! This is unfortunately not a lot of money, but at least something


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