How to make money on Bitcoin faucets

The user will only need to visit certain websites, participate in lotteries, watch videos, solve captcha and perform other simple actions for which he will be transferred a certain amount of cryptocurrency. There is nothing complicated here, all the money earned is justified by the rental payment of space for advertising various search engines. Bitcoin withdrawal is available after accumulation of a certain amount of Satoshi.


This option of earning BTC has a number of undeniable advantages:


Automatic payments to the wallet;

Numerous lotteries and bonuses;

Does not require cash injections;

Simple registration, no need to confirm identity;

There are also disadvantages here: low profitability, low probability of receiving generous bonuses and other incentives. Although you can increase your income on BTC at times: use referral programs and register on 5-8 BTC cranes.


What's next?

Earning on bitcoin cranes is probably the easiest way to get money. Of course, he will not bring much income, but still as a side job - this is the best option. The essence of earnings is as follows: you perform a number of simple actions. You can get cryptocurrency with the help of advertising sponsors. As a rule, they earn money by providing their sites for advertising, in turn, ordinary users increase traffic on sites. Currently, there are many such web resources.


As a rule, bitcoin cranes pay up to a thousand Satoshi for one captcha entry, and the amount of remuneration depends only on luck. If you need virtual money and you want to earn as much as possible, then it is wisest to choose 3-4 sites and work on them.


Today there are many "scams" among the services. Therefore, be vigilant. Give preference to sites with a small threshold for withdrawal of funds, good reviews and a large age.

The most reliable Internet sites.

Crystalbit is a website that allows you to receive up to 40 Satoshi every 30 minutes.

Bitgorila is an excellent resource for earning Satoshi. 20 sec. a crane for 10 Satoshi and many other benefits are provided.

Dailyfreebits is a bitcoin faucet that gives 40 - 1000 Satoshi for the introduction of a captcha once an hour.

Adbtc is an excellent service that pays for site views. The interface is in Russian.

Freebitcoin is a well-known bitcoin faucet for issuing Satoshi. The user enters a captcha once an hour, receiving up to 0.4 BTC for it. The affiliate program promises profitability in the amount of half of the amount that Internet users who came by referral link received.

Bitfun is a website that gives you the opportunity to get up to 40 Satoshi in 3 minutes. The user can receive various bonuses and other benefits.

Moonbitcoin is a popular site where you can get satoshi every 5 minutes by entering a captcha. You will be engaged in entering a captcha.

Bigbtc is a service that provides a user from 5 to 100 Satoshi every 5 minutes.

The instructions for making money on bitcoin cranes are identical for all applications of this type. A few simple steps should be performed:


Choose the service from which you plan to receive funds;

Install it on your smartphone or register;

Connect your bitcoin address to the tap;

Complete the necessary tasks and withdraw money to your wallet.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to earn a lot of cryptocurrency on cranes. A maximum of 50 rubles per day, but the work does not require huge time costs.


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