How To Make Money On Facebook: The Best Strategies To Make $500 A Month

Facebook is one of the best traffic sources for earning. But is it Facebook good enough to earn you $500 each day? Well many people are making $1000’s on Facebook every day, and if you’re struggling to make $500 in a single day. Then you have to re-think about your approach on Facebook.

How to make money on Facebook

Fernando Martinez, @fernandomartinez on Twitter has been making money from Facebook for years. He created an app that helped him make more money than he was making on Facebook. Fernando Martinez: “I learned quickly that if I wanted to get paid, I’d have to add ads to my page or pay to boost posts. In fact, I pay $24.95 a month to get ads on my pages. That’s why I got the live video, I wanted more money. “Facebook has been the No. 1 way that I make money. “It’s basically every person who comments on my page, who adds me on Facebook, I always try to tip that person, because I love getting the comments and I don’t want them to think I don’t care.” So just how do you make $500 a day on Facebook, and create a brand for yourself?


Facebook Advertising

You have to understand that Facebook is the top ranked traffic source for paid search. Therefore, your ability to drive traffic through Facebook (paid and organic) is the biggest challenge you’ll face. Search Traffic Share Over the past year (and years) your ability to drive search traffic has only improved. It has been harder for your competitors to get higher search shares than you. To improve your search traffic sharing you need to improve your ads and landing pages. I work with clients all the time to help them increase their Facebook traffic share. I spend time building landing pages that will convert people on the Facebook, and I build Facebook ad variations that will drive traffic to those landing pages. Here is a guide on getting traffic from Facebook.


Creating an online course

If you’re looking to sell online courses, Facebook is one of the best traffic sources for earning. In this case, you don’t have to target the people who are the absolute most likely to want your course. Instead, you can target the people who are seriously considering and researching a particular course in the future. This is the group you want to target with Facebook ads. An example of this is a chef selling cooking courses. His ads don’t target the people who are already interested in cooking. Instead, they target people who are seriously considering cooking. When they go to his website, they’re not necessarily looking for a course, but just browsing around. These are your future buyers for his course.


Affiliate marketing

We talk about this a lot, but affiliate marketing on Facebook is where you get paid when someone clicks on one of your ads, and buys your product. When people click on an affiliate advertisement, Facebook will take 1% of the sale. That $50 watch that you sold may have ended up with a 1000 sales, and Facebook made $1000 on you! Conclusion It seems pretty unlikely that people will actually spend more time on Facebook, than on other social media. But if you want to be sure that you’re the best choice for Facebook, then you must: Make sure your content is of high quality, as well as attractive, just like with other social media Review your page once a day.


How To Get Traction On Facebook

1. Target Advertisers Who Are Interested In Your Business This is the number one tip you need to follow. Most people with a small business don’t have the budget for ads. However, if you have a nice big business, and a great offer, you can still get some traction on Facebook. A great way to target your audience is with customer reviews. Create a landing page and target reviews by these users. 2. Host Images And Ad Images For Your Company On Facebook Make sure that you set up a Facebook Page for your company. Once you do this you will be able to set up a few basic things for your brand on Facebook. The first and most important thing is to make sure that your Facebook Page is protected. Once you do this, you can start posting images for your Facebook Page.


Facebook Ads The Best Way To Make Money

It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the best traffic sources out there. People in America spend 60% of their social media time on Facebook. So it’s no surprise that almost all online entrepreneurs make money through Facebook ads. But when it comes to making money from Facebook, here’s the best ways to do it: You’ll need the following components: A Clear Idea On How To Make Money on Facebook You need to have a clear idea of how to make money on Facebook, because Facebook does not only accept standard ads. It is a very strict network in terms of what type of ads you can advertise. My best tips are: Sell things people need. Sell stuff people want.



Facebook is a great traffic source for people looking to make money online. However, you can only make money if your Facebook page is doing well. If you are having issues with your Facebook page, then check out this infographic that details the 6 things you need to do to make money on Facebook. By applying the above strategies you’ll be making money on Facebook.


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