How to make money online with a free blog?

This report is for complete newbies and it explains the various ways that you 

can make money with a blogger blog. 

A Blog is a short name for "Weblog" and it is basically a website that you can get 

for free and use for multiple different things. 

In this case you will be using it for Internet marketing purposes – more specific to 

sell products as an affiliate marketer and/or to make money from clicks, via 

Google Adsense revenue. 

A Blogger blog is a blog that you can get for FREE from They are 

owned and operated by Google, so if you have a Gmail account or a Google 

Account, you can use your same login name and password as that to log in and 

you don't even have to create a new account! 

If you do not have an account with Google already, you can create one forfree, at or 

Once you log in to, you can create a blog right away! You get your 

own domain name that will look something like 

Of course, you would replace "YourDomainName" with whatever you want your 

URL to be. Most of the time, people choose keywords that are popular search 

terms on, so that the blog ranks higher on the search engines. 

If you are in the weight loss niche, you might want to choose a name like 

"" for example, because the term "Lose Weight 

Fast" is a very popular search term and brings up over a million results. 

The fastest and easiest way to make money with a blog, is with this 

formula: RB + AL + AM + T = $$$. 

You might be saying, what the heck is that?

Don't panic, I hate math too...just watch how easy this is: 

RB = "Review Blog" - This is a blog that you will create with and 

you will use it to post product reviews, about products that you are promoting as 

an affiliate. 

AL = "Affiliate Links" -At the end of each product review, you would include your 

affiliate link to the product you reviewed. Your "affiliate link" is the URL that you

send people to, so that you can earn a commission on the product if they purchase 


AM = "Article Marketing" - By writing articles (or outsourcing them) you can 

drive quality, targeted traffic to your blog. 

T = "Traffic" - This is the traffic you will receive from both the articles, as well as 

people who are surfing for blogs in your category. The more 

popular of a niche market you choose, the more traffic you will likely receive. 

$$$ = MONEY! - This of course represents the money you will earn when you 

make an affiliate sale! Think about it...this WHOLE ENTIRE process won't cost 

you a dime. The blog is free, with Becoming an affiliate of,, and are ALL 100% FREE. 

Writing and submitting keyword optimized articles or is also 100% FREE and that is all it takes to make money with a 

blog. Many big name marketers and Warriors use this method to make tons of 

money...and the more articles they have out there, the more money they make. If 

you choose to outsource articles, this would be an expense and it could cost you anywhere from $2 - $12per article for quality articles from a freelance writer. 

OK, that was just the gist of it. Let me give you more elaborate details and 

instructions so that you can start doing this right away. 

Step 1 would be to sign up as an affiliate with <---At this link, you 

can sign up as an affiliate for FREE, right away. Then, you can browse the 

marketplace for niches and products that you want to promote! All you have to do 

is click the small link at the top of the page that says "Marketplace." 

The products over at are "digital" products. A digital product is 

either an eBook or a software application. The reason why they are called digital 

products is because they can be downloaded immediately after purchase and 

there is no need for shipping or sending a physical product. An 'eBook' as most of 

you know (but remember this report is for complete newbies), is a book that can be 

read right from your computer screen and can be downloaded immediately after 

purchase. You can also print it out to read it if you prefer, or use one of those new 

electronic eBook reading devices. 

The great thing about the products on the marketplace, is that they 

offer stunningly high commissions to their affiliates (you). Most of them offer a 

75% commission! If you were promoting an eBook that is $47,in the Weight Loss 

niche or the Make Money Online niche, you would earn $32.50 for every copy you 

sell. The best part is, you don't even have to sell them the eBook...the sales page 

that the product creator made will do that for you. All you have to do is refer people 

to your 'affiliate link.' 

An 'affiliate link' is the link that is provided to you, so that you can promote a 

particular product (of your choice). This link will take the customer to the same 

EXACT page that the product creator uses to sell the product, but it will have 

YOUR affiliate ID in the URL. Your affiliate ID will be the username that you 

select for your Clickbank account. Here is an example of an affiliate link: 


Of course, "YourAffiliateID" is replaced with your actual username and the 

"Product Name" is the code name that the product owner made for that product. 

You won't need to be guessing any codes though, all you have to do is click on the 

link that says "Create Hoplink" located underneath the listing of the product that 

you wish to promote -- on the Clickbank Marketplace. After you select the category

and subcategory you will be taken to a page full of listings of products to promote. 

You can view the product price, the commission percentage, and the gravity. The 

gravity is how many people (affiliates) earned a commission on that product in the 

past one or two week pay period. You can also view the sales page, which is 

where your affiliate link will send people. 

The magic of your affiliate link is that it takes the customer to the same 

destination they would go to if they hadn't been referred by you. The only 

difference is that since your affiliate code is hidden within the earn the 

commission and the money shows up right in your Clickbank That's where the 

review blog comes in. If you write product reviews of three Books on Clickbank, 

post them on your blog and then include your affiliate link at the bottom of the 

review. A certain percentage of people who visit your blog and read the reviews 

will click on your affiliate link. Out of those people, a certain percentage of people 

will actually purchase the Book once they visit the link. A common conversion 

rate is 2%. So, out of every 50 visitors to your affiliate link, you should have 1 

purchase. That would net you $32.50. It is very easy to get 50 visitors to your blog 

and even much more. 

Step 2 would be to sign up with <---At this link, you can sign up for for FREE --and start creating as many blogs as you want, right 

away. You can be up and running in just minutes. If you don't have a Google Mail 

account already (Gmail, Adwords, Adsense) you will have to create one, but that 

is 100% free. Then, you will proceed to the "Create a Blog" section, by clicking on 

the "Create a Blog" link. 

Here you will create a name for your blog as well as a domain name. The domain 

name will be the web address that people type into their browser to get to your 

blog site. Depending on the product(s) that you are promoting. 

Step 3 would be to go back to the Marketplace and choose a 

product or products to promote. Here you can pick a category and even a 

sub-category. For instance, a popular niche is "Health and Fitness" and the 

most popular sub-category of the Health and Fitness market is "Diet." 

Step 4 would be to write a product review about the product you choose to 

market. Remember, you are marketing a product here...the product is already 


It is your job to find the people who want/need the information you are offering 

--and then give it to them. They will buy it if/when the sales pitch sells itself.

But, you do NOT have to give or write the sales pitch...the sales page for the 

product you're promoting will have one already -- Most likely written by a 

professional sales copywriter. All you need to do is guide people there, If you can 

not write a product review to save your own life, you can easily outsource it to 

someone on the warrior forum. A freelance writer would not charge too much for a 

product review for a Clickbank product. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3 -

$20 for a custom written product review, depending on the writer and the word 

count of the review. 

Step 5 would be to add your affiliate link to the bottom of the product review. It can 

be a short review, something like 250-500 words or more if you wish. At the end, 

you can give a strong "Call to action" so that the reader will be compelled to click 

on your affiliate link. Something like, "To check out (ProductNameHere), visit their 

website at (Your Affiliate Link) and (Something positive that the product will do for 

them --such as lose 9pounds in 11 days!)." 

So, your call to action at the end of the product review would look like this (if we were 

promoting a weight loss product) example:

"To check out Fat Loss 4 Idiots, visit their website at: and learn how you can 

lose 9 lbs. in just 11 days!" 

Step 6 would be to drive traffic to your review blog. You don't just want any traffic 

going to your site, you want 'targeted' traffic. Targeted traffic is visitors who are 

actually interested in the product that you are reviewing. They are in the market 

for what you are offering basically. That is the beauty of niche 

find the people who need what you are offering and you simply give it to them. It's 

easy money, and you are helping people at the same time. 

The way to drive targeted traffic to your review blog is to write articles for it and 

submit them to and These article directories 

are the top, most popular ones and rank very well on the search engines 

--especially If you write articles in the niches that you are 

promoting, and you give away some good information and of course include a link

to your review blog in your resource box at the end of each article, you will have 

targeted traffic to your blog, which will convert into sales, which means you will 

earn affiliate commissions! 

Step 7 includes additional methods of driving quality, targeted traffic to your blog. 

This includes (but is not limited to) back link building, social networking, pinging 

your blog, paying for traffic via Pay-Per-Click advertising, traffic exchanges (not so great), offline advertising such as business cards, classified ads, yellow pages, 

etc. The more targeted leads you drive to your website...the more sales you will 

make. It's simple, but it does take work. 

There you have it. This simple, yet effective method of creating a review blog to 

market affiliate products costs nothing to do and can earn an potentially unlimited 

income. Depending on how much traffic you drive to your blog and the conversion 

rates, you can build a $20,000 per month business or more using this exact model. 

Good luck and I wish you the best of success with your blogging. 

Now go and make some money!




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