How To Make Money Online With These 8 New Ways

Earning money has typically been associated with and restricted to traditional 'offline' route. With the Internet taking over a large part of our lives, more people are looking to ways to earn money online to increase their financial inflows, with secondary income streams.

How to make money online

The good news is that there are literally thousands of sites and platforms out there which offer a variety of different ways to earn money online and at the same time diversify your income. These sites offer pay-per-click websites, affiliate marketing, e-commerce websites, social media marketing, freelance websites and more. Although you can find some helpful information on how to earn money online in general, it is often not as in-depth and detailed as it could be. With that in mind, in this article, we are going to run through the top sites to use to make money online. 1.


Digital jobs

Here are 25 new online job opportunities that all require a little bit of tech skills and data expertise. 1. Mobile Animator – Genrematrix This virtual game developer is seeking a passionate person who can create animated user interface and game art. A related term is “code ninja”. They require artists who can make intuitive designs with images. 2. Arcade Barista – Caffeine Creek This new cafe that offers a creative atmosphere is looking for someone who loves coffee to work in a local beach community, enjoy long, casual conversations with fellow baristas and customers. 3. Content Marketing Manager – Core Impact This online ad agency is looking for someone who has experience with: social media, analytics, content marketing, and similar. 4.


How to make money with your phone

Smartphones are widely available these days. They are designed for ease of use. For example, many have fingerprint scanners. People who use these phones as their primary 'office' would easily be able to make a lot of money while using their smartphones. The money can be made in a number of ways. There are lots of web pages and apps where people can make money by sending voice messages. Most apps offer specific business tools and other services. The voice messaging apps often have voice messaging tools, surveys, help desk, recruitment calls and other phone based services. These apps can be accessed through various ways.


Paid surveys

The most common way to make money online is by taking paid surveys, where you respond to questions or statements about a specific subject. In some cases, paid surveys can include free goods and other incentives, such as gift cards. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website, "Respondents agree to be paid for providing information about a product or service that other people can buy. Don't be fooled by promises of free products or services, because they're typically part of a paid survey." As you might expect, you will want to use a service that allows you to track your results, as this will enable you to judge the effectiveness of the questions and statements that you've been asked. You can make an average of $5.


Paid to play

The notion that you need to invest in an expensive platform, own a specific virtual currency and pay a monthly subscription fee to earn money is becoming obsolete in our digital times. New websites and online platforms are emerging all the time, aimed at facilitating the earning of money from online activity. Over the last few years, a number of websites have emerged that allow you to earn money from games you've already downloaded. These sites help gamers to utilise the games and experiences they already have, by earning extra income on top of their monthly game subscription. Platforming Platforming involves being a part of a game where you 'roll' down a virtual hill. Each time you fall down the hill, you earn XP.



If you have always wanted to become a writer, there are now plenty of opportunities to put your pen to paper. You can go about it in a number of ways. You can either choose to make money as a freelance writer through on-demand freelance websites, freelance writing agencies, or through 'ghostwriting' (meaning you write a book, blog or article on their behalf.) You can go about this in a number of ways. You can either go about this in a number of ways. You can either go about this in a number of ways. You can go about this in a number of ways. You can either go about this in a number of ways. You can go about this in a number of ways. You can go about this in a number of ways. You can go about this in a number of ways.


Freelance writing

One of the most popular freelance writing sites is Content Rebel, which has earned itself a legion of satisfied clients over the years. We will discuss the various types of work you can get from this site. Here are some of the skills you can do for free on the site – Writing – based on creative topics, we have writers who will take your content and design it and format it for different websites and marketing sites. Writing for web-sites – We have writers who are good in html, css, whatever you'd want to market on a website, their writing skills are pretty high and they can write a decent business report. Social media – This is where the real money is.


Paid to read

We have in the past, put together a list of 50 great ways to make money online and getting a little more specific this time we're going to take a look at 25+ of these sites, covering a wide range of different income streams. From niche sites to focus on sales, or quick 'one click' installs and everything in between. What are the 25+ Sites? #1 Amazon Create an online store with Amazon's easy to use online store creator, which can then add affiliate links or ads to your page for further income. #2 Top Pot Bot Top Pot Bot enables you to order meals from Top Pot, including freshly made soups, baked goods and other savory dishes. #3 Affiliate Mentor Affiliate Mentor helps you earn commission on your sales by providing you with high-quality guest posts.


Paid to watch videos

Here's how it works. You use the Vimeo platform. Vimeo allows users to upload videos on their website or blog or publish videos on its own site. These videos are watched by the Vimeo community, which is encouraged to rate the videos. A Vimeo account is free to sign up for, but some restrictions can be placed on the content a user can upload and post. Dedicated to advertising This business model works on two levels. Firstly, this is a business that people want to advertise on and this makes it a perfect fit for display advertising. You can advertise your business on videos which are viewed through this platform. Secondly, there are so many free services, including Vimeo, which you can pay for to advertise and for user-generated content that can be reviewed and rated.



The days of just working for someone are long gone. You can now make a career out of working for yourself. To do so, you have to research, develop and implement a strategy that is customized to your requirements and needs. Get a full outline of how to set up a money-making website and start earning today.


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