How To Make Money with Niche Themed Blog

How to make money with a thematic or niche blog is without a doubt the best strategy for a beginning entrepreneur who does not have much capital to invest in paid traffic.

niche themed blog 

One of the digital marketing strategies that I like the most and by the way in my opinion is the one that works best for a novice entrepreneur to start making money, is using a niche blog.

It is true that the results are not as instantaneous or immediate as other strategies where you have to invest in paid traffic, but the virtue of this method is that it generates passive income and the traffic it generates is the best quality.

In case you don’t even know what passive income is, here is a short definition:

Passive income are those that you receive for a job or investment that you do only once and generate money over and over again without you having to intervene again in the process.

Example of passive income.

Example 1

A good example is Google Adsense, you create a thematic blog, publish good content optimized for search engines and monetize it with Adsense.

Once your blog is positioned well and is attracting a lot of traffic, your task is to maintain it and publish more interesting content, so you increase the traffic and the profits increase more and more.

Example 2

Another excellent example of passive income is creating an info product and uploading it to an affiliate platform like Hotmart or Clickbank.

The grace of this strategy is that you do not have to sell it, the affiliates will do it for you in exchange for a good commission.

Example 3

Finally create a niche blog and sell tangible affiliate products from amazon.

The advantage is that you create an online store and earn a commission every time a product is sold, you do not have to have it in stock and you do not complicate your life with the payment, delivery and returns processes, Amazon does it all.

The only thing you have to worry about is keeping your store optimized and updated with the new products that appear.

Global niche category ideas to make money from a themed blog.

In this list I only mention the global categories, each of these can cover many niches, micro-niches and sub-niches of micro-niches.

As we make the subject more specific, what we do is direct our sights more towards the center of the target.

General topics can bring a lot of traffic if you manage to position the blog well, but they produce very few sales.

For example, a person who searches for large dogs, what he does is search for information.

If this is the case then even if you fill your website with products for dogs, you will sell very little.

On the contrary, if your niche is oriented to dog houses, it is likely that people are looking for one for their dog and it is a search with purchase intention.

In the first case where your website deals with dogs in general, it is best to monetize it with Adsense advertising.

In the second case where the person is looking for a house for their dog, the indicated thing is to monetize with affiliate products, where you could sell Amazon products.

Niche categories to create infinite niche blogs

  1. Art and entertainment.
  2. Betting system.
  3. Business / Investments.
  4. Computers / Internet.
  5. Cuisine, Food and Wine.
  6. Electronic Business and Marketing
  7. Education
  8. Jobs and work
  9. Fiction
  10. Games
  11. Organic products
  12. Health & Fitness
  13. Home and garden
  14. Languages, etc.

Another example of a niche blog is that of pets, it is very general and not very specific.

How to make extra money with a dog blog The dog niche is a very broad topic with respect to the breeds and types of dogs that exist, as it is too broad and unspecific, it could be monetized with Adsense and some general digital products.

The truth is that if you are methodical and do not attack anxiety you could find excellent niches and micro-niches to start generating profits with Adsense or affiliate products.

Here is another example where I did not find any blog responding to search needs and where you can take advantage of generating income.

The ecological products category you could rather put yourself ahead of what there is.

The sites only show products but do not provide relevant information that is probably what a person who is interested in caring for the environment is looking for.

I did a review of this blog and I realized that most of its products were plastic, which indicates that it does not really attack the ecological niche 100% and that is where you can get a lot of benefit.

Niche blogs that make money and you can rank fast.

The first thing we have to keep in mind when we decide to make money using the online marketing strategy with a blog is that we cannot do it on a hunch.

We cannot think “I have the impression that this niche is going to give me money”, that is the wrong way to work online and it is the reason why many fail.

Then they say that it is a lie that Internet businesses work and that everything is a fraud.

To be successful in Internet businesses, you need to understand that you must treat them scientifically and use the tools to do a good feasibility research.

How to do a niche market study

  1. Make a list of niches that interest you.
  2. Research the search trend with Google Trends.
  3. Check search volume and cost per click with Google’s keyword tool.
  4. Investigate the organic competition of the main keywords of each of the niches on your list, this is important since if the competition is very high it will cost you to position your blog.
  5. Check if there are affiliate products or plr products that you can sell on your blog

How to make money with free blogs

Many people ask me.

Can you make money with a free blog ?

My answer is always the same.

Of course you can as long as you do things the right way, apply a good strategy and be persistent.

Which free platform is better; or

Both are very good platforms, however they have good and bad things, but if you are smart, you can work with both to enhance one.

Surely you have been confused with what I said, but the truth is that being wordpress. com an excellent free tool, it has the disadvantage that it is also very restrictive.

For example:

It doesn’t let you monetize with Google Adsense, it doesn’t have any possibility to promote affiliate products with direct link.

Can you make money with Blogger and Google Adsense.

Of course, if you can make money with Blogger and Google Adsense, , being a Google platform, if it lets you advertise Adsense and also promote affiliate products and CPA or cost per action.

Contrary to how powerful paid WordPress is, Blogger is more basic, it does not have the elements and tools that WordPress has, but, I do a trick, I write my articles in WordPress and I optimize them with Yoast SEO, once that it’s ready, I post it on Blogger.

The way to generate profits will depend on the niche you work for.

For example, some niches are going to be great for making money with Google Adsense, others are going to work wonders with affiliate products and PLR products.

Another alternative is to monetize with CPA offers, it could even be much more profitable than with Google Adsense advertising itself.

A sound advice is that if you are going to use a free blog, do it with a blogger to publish your articles, but write them in the wordpress processor, because you can optimize them with the Yoast Seo plugin.

That will help you position your content and thus generate more organic traffic.

Now my recommendation is that if you are going to start this business seriously, do it with your own paid domain and a WordPress blog.

The reason is that you will have many more tools and possibilities to position your blog.

How much money can you earn with a blog

The amount of money you can make with a blog is quite relative.

It all depends on the niche you choose and the desire you can put into it.

For example, a micro.nicho could generate several hundred dollars a month, the profits may not be many but they are constant month after month and with minimal effort.

After all, the idea is to create businesses that generate passive profits in order to continue creating.

It will also depend to a great extent on the monetization strategy of your blog and the niche.

As you can see, the niche variable is very important when it comes to quantifying the possible profits that you could obtain with your website.

This reasoning is valid whether you want to monetize with adsense, cpa or affiliate marketing.

Criteria for monetizing with Google Adsence or with CPA offers.

It is clear that if you are going to choose to win with Adsense, your variables to consider are the volume of traffic, the cost per click and organic competition.

All are important and you should not neglect any.

Ideally, I have a high volume of traffic, because what you are going to earn per click will be only pennies and you need a lot of clicks to generate a good daily profit (20 or 30 dollars per day or more)

Cost per click is important, because if it is too low even with high search volume, it may not be worth working in that niche.

It could also happen that the search volume is medium, but the cpc quite high and the organic competition low.

This condition would be ideal and quite lucrative, since with a few clicks we could generate good profits and due to the low organic competition the positioning would be faster.

Element of judgment to weigh whether it is profitable to monetize with affiliate products.

When we monetize with affiliate products, we apply a very different criteria than generating income with Google Adsense advertising.

Commonly, the profits that can be obtained from selling affiliate products are much higher than those that can generate a conversion in cpa or click with Adsense.

We are talking about commissions depending on the product you choose, which can range from 10 to 40 dollars or much more per sale.

The great plus of making a living from affiliate marketing and selling digital products in exchange for a commission, is that:

  1. You do not require your own products
  2. You forget to have products in stock, the products are digital and if they are tangible like a phone or a T-shirt, the company is in charge of shipping the product.
  3. You do not need to have an inordinate volume of traffic and products because they are digital can be sold online without stock and from anywhere in the world.

What’s more, with a fairly discreet traffic volume, you can earn much more than with a niche for Adsense with up to 6 times higher traffic.

The criteria is to find niches that are on the rise and don’t have a lot of competition, then do keyword research and check for demand.

Another very important thing is to see if there are affiliate products and the quality of them.

See in Google if there are people promoting these products with paid ads, it is not enough that you do it only once, you have to perform this task at different times and on different days, you should do the same on Facebook.

This procedure can be done over and over again with different niches.

This is how many marketers build many sources of income and each of them generates a constant flow of passive money.

How to make money with a blog from 0

I think I already told you and explained everything you need to start your online venture.

In this section you will give a check List of what you have to do from the beginning or level 0 and do not get lost.

Once you have acquired the skill, you will do everything without having to review anything, you just have to follow the steps and you will be on the right track.

  1. Make a list of topics that you like and for which you would like to create content to publish.
  2. Check the trend with google tools “Google Trends”. Very important, with this tool you can also find new niches with an upward trend.
  3. For each of the niches, do a research on search volume, number of related keywords, CPC “cost per click”, organic competition and level of difficulty of organic positioning.
  4. See if there are digital products to sell in each of your niches and the quality of the products, you can do this on Clickbank, Jvzzo, Hotmart, Amazon, and PLR digital product sites.
  5. Check in the search engine if there are advertisers with paid advertising on Google, who are promoting affiliate products.
  6. Decide if you are going to work with a free blog or a paid one.
  7. Create your blog and start publishing quality and unique content, here it is not worth copying and pasting or rather publishing duplicate content belonging to another author, if you do it you will never position yourself and Google will send you to the last place.
  8. Share your content on all social networks, if you do it on Facebook, do it in the groups that are related to your niche.

How to make money with a blog on Facebook

This is a great question and very easy to answer.

I’m going to reveal what I do on Facebook with my niche blog.

It is very simple and you can also do it and get a lot out of it.

For example, if my niche is weight loss, dieting, fat burning, health and fitness.

What I do is create a page on Facebook, identical to my blog, even with the same keyword as my website domain.

I also create a group with the same characteristics and a profile on Instagram.

Then I link my blog on my facebook page and on Instagram.

The strategy is very simple, you can share your articles on your page and from there you share it with the groups that are related to your niche.

With this strategy, what you achieve is more traffic to your website, grow your Facebook page and gain followers on Instagram.

In conclusion, you start to do your business, to get more subscribers, more conversions and sales.

Well, it never hurts to thank you for reading this article and if you can share it, it would be a great help for my web positioning.

You can also leave a comment, be respectful and don’t spam.

Finally, if you want to continue delving deeper into these topics, you just have to register by clicking on the banner where I invite you to be part of this great community.


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