How to make money with premise app


Premise is an AI-driven decision engine that automates rapid testing, iteration and launch of new tasks and surveys, significantly reducing time to collect data and gather actionable insights. premise allows you to complete numerous task and survey for money which can be withdrawn straight to your bank account, Bitcoin wallet, PayPal or Mobile top up.


Follow these easy steps to earn money daily from the premise app. Take surveys, share local information like the location of construction zones or the price of milk at your local store, and explore your city to earn top rewards. Making money with Premise really is that simple.


Register your name and details in two easy steps, verify your email and phone number and you're all set.


Log in and navigate the different part of the premise app which include :

  • Market tab : This is where new surveys are posted daily, each with it's various amount to earn. Premise’s marketplace is always growing, which means there are tasks for everyone. Earn money every day by sharing your local knowledge as a Premise contributor.
  • My task tab : Allows you to see your daily task and it's requirements, some task will require to just take a photo while others will require to travel to a nearby stores to get a information.
  • Payment tab: This is where you can choose your preferred payment method and also see your current earnings, you can also request for withdrawal of earnings from this tab.
  • Account tab : This is where you can manage and Edith your profile as required to be able to access more surveys and task in your area.


Choose what you want to do either to perform a survey or a task and go on to complete it within the time frame allocated.

  • Share your opinion:
    - Get paid for your insights - and your opinion about products.
    - Surveys for organizations and community leaders that value your feedback.
    - Premise makes it easy to capture and share your perspective.
  • Earn real money:
    - Earn money from tasks and photos.
    - Choose tasks that fit your lifestyle based on how much time you have.
    - Earn more when you do more and there is no limits.


You can also share your referral link to premise app and get some extra bonus to add to your earnings.

Make an impact:

- Get rewarded for sharing real data to drive real change.

-Join Premise’s growing network of millions of Contributors around the world.


Once the minimum required amount for withdrawal is met on premise, you can go ahead and make a withdrawal through your desired payment method.

That is it, now you are all set to earn real money to pay for your bills or as a side income to your job, the good thing is that you can complete task in your area when you have time or by just doing nothing but navigating the app and completing surveys.

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