How to make simple herbs from home

One of the herbal medicines that have a myriad of benefits for maintaining a healthy body is herbal medicine. There are many herbal plants that can be used as traditional herbal medicine. The tradition of drinking herbal medicine can be referred to as nature conservation. Because people will replant the basic ingredients of making herbal medicine. Herbal plants that can be used as herbs include turmeric, temulawak, ginger, kencur, galangal, and nutmeg seeds. Although herbal medicine is now widespread and many are selling it, there is nothing wrong if you can make it yourself at home. Besides being able to ensure the quality of the ingredients, you can also learn to get to know various medicinal plants and their benefits for health.


Here are some easy and healthy ways to make traditional herbal medicine


Wedang Ginger Lemongrass


The materials used are:


15 cm of ginger that has been cleaned


5 pieces of lemongrass that have been cleaned


500 ml water


2.5 tablespoons of sugar.


The way to make it is:


Grate the cleaned ginger, then crush the lemongrass until it emits a very distinctive aroma. After that, boil the ginger and seren in water that has been mixed with sugar. Then after boiling remove and strain the dregs. Lemongrass ginger wedang is ready to be served while hot. It will feel warm in your throat and body.


Turmeric Acid


The materials needed are:


100 gr of turmeric that has been cleaned


50 gr tamarind


100 gr brown sugar


2 tbsp sugar


700 ml of water.


How to make traditional herbal medicine from turmeric, namely:


Grate the cleaned turmeric, then add water to the turmeric grater while squeezing until the juices come out. After that, mix all the ingredients and boil until the water boils. After the water boils, remove and cool. This sour turmeric herb will be more delicious if served cold.


There are many more traditional herbs that you can try to do at home, in order to maintain a healthy body make it a habit to consume them regularly and regularly.


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