How to make the all famous Nigerian jollof rice


1. 2 cups of rice

2. 5 medium sized chopped tomatoes

3. 1 chopped onion

4. 2 Scotch bonnet pepper

5. 2 Red bell pepper

6. 2 habanero pepper

7. 1 clove of garlic

8. 3cm length of ginger

9. 3 Bay leaves

10. 1 tbsp Curry powder

11. ½ tbsp thyme

12. 3 tbsp of tomato paste

13. ½ tbsp all purpose seasoning

14. 1 tbsp paprika

15. 2 knorr cubes

16. 3 cups of chicken stock

17. ½ tbsp salt to taste

18. ¼ cup vegetable oil

19. ½ tsp nutmeg powder


How to prepare


Step 1 

Blend all the tomatoes , peppers onion garlic and ginger together and pour it in a pot , place the pot on a cooker to try out the water in the blended tomato mixture


Step 2 

After drying the mixture place a pot on the cooker and pour in your vegetable oil, onion, and tomato paste, after adding the tomato paste ,fry

 till the tomato paste is dried ,then pour in your blended tomato mixture, paprika ,curry and thyme ,add, your knorr cubes, all purpose seasoning , salt, nutmeg , bay leaves and all the spices.


Step 3


After adding all the spices, fry the tomatoes till dry, then add in your parboiled rice and stir together well add the chicken stock and two cups of water.


Step 4


Cover up with a foil paper before placing the lid, place the lid and cook on medium heat for 30mins.

Weldone!! your jollof rice is ready.


Now you can make the Nigerian jollof rice perfectly

Nigerian jollof rice is a perfect delicacy prepared and eaten by the Nigerians in west Africa, prepare yours and drop in the comment section how it turned out thanks for reading.


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