How to make your dog to become herbivorous!!

8For make your dog eat like a lamb and become a herbivore, you need to feed him with high fiber diet for several weeks. Then the best way is make his stomach full of grass and veggies. If you are going to make your dog eat grass, then cut it from a green lawn.
Here is how to make him to eat grass:
Take some raw grass and give him just 3-4 pieces of this grass with water (This should be enough). Let him chew these pieces for about 10 minutes.
Give him a small amount of water again after the chewing. Now repeat this procedure 5 times every day until he finish all the grass in one week. This will help your dog to become herbivorous and also make him healthy and strong.
The herbivorous dog can also eat fruits such as banana, apple etc... The important thing is that you need to give them small quantity with no sugar or any other ingredient so they get full.
You must try out these steps at least once for a couple of weeks and see how much benefit your pet gets from it. In the next step we will talk about making his diet more exciting!!
Without eating meat, you can save a lot of animals from death. And if you are willing to do something positive then go ahead! It's easy to show compassion to an animal, but it takes courage to treat another like a brother or sister.


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