How to monitor exchangers profitable exchange of cryptocurrency

There are a huge number of cryptocurrency exchange sites on the Internet, but their rates can differ significantly. To exchange cryptocurrency as safely and profitably as possible, it is best to use the monitoring of exchangers.

Comparing cryptocurrency rates on cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange sites is quite a difficult task. Even if you exclude exchanges due to high commissions and unprofitable rates, there are many exchangers that are almost impossible to check in manual mode.

In order to automate the process of selecting the Internet exchange points the service of exchangers monitoring was created. With its help checking the rates takes minutes and allows you to save not only time but also money.

Which exchanger monitor to choose, which has been providing its services since 2014, holds a leading position among the various exchanger monitors. It tracks online information on current rates of cryptocurrencies and electronic currencies at the most popular exchangers.

Service monitors only verified resources that use the most popular and popular payment systems. Here you can find information about manual and automatic exchangers, information about which is updated every five seconds.

"We care about safety, so the base of exchange offices in our monitoring includes only verified exchangers. Exchange offices with a bad reputation are excluded from our database", - commented representatives of

What is the advantage of

The main advantage of this exchange monitor is considered a better rate than directly on the sites of exchangers. How does it look like?

Selecting on any of the exchangers and clicking on the link the client receives a rate that is 0.1% better than if you go to the exchanger by a direct link.

For example, when exchanging WebMoney for hryvnias, the rate at the Obmenka site will be 27.53. When using, on the same site the rate will already be at 27,56. That is more profitable.

In explain this difference by the fact that a partnership agreement is signed with all exchangers participating in the monitoring.

But you should not confuse the monitoring of exchangers with exchange offices. This service does not deal with the exchange, but only provides information to the user about the rates, facilitating the choice of the site where the exchange will take place.

Therefore, for the most profitable and safe exchange of cryptocurrencies and electronic money it is best to use the service With the help of this monitoring of exchangers you can quickly choose the best exchange rate and quickly exchange digital assets.

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