How To Naturally Get A Bigger Peni$: 5 Easy Steps

There is a scene in Shrek where Shrek and Donkey are approaching a mammoth of a castle and Shrek comments, “So… this must be Lord Farquaad’s castle.” Then the Donkey with a straight face replies, “Do you think maybe he is compensating for something else?”

That joke could mean many things but hopefully nothing penile related. The one secret a man would rather die with or murder for is details about their penis, especially if it is small in size. 

Research done by multiple scholars has revealed that more than half the population of men are consciously concerned about how to naturally get a bigger penis. From the other half, only 20% are satisfied and the rest are simply too busy with life to even think that it matters. Sometimes it might just be genetics and if natural alternatives do not work, it may be time to seek expert advice on penile enlargement. 

Here are some five steps to boost the size of the most important reproductive organ on the planet. 

How To Naturally Get A Bigger Peni$, Avoid Smoking

Extensive studies carried on smokers and non-smokers have shown that non-smokers experience significant growth of their penis throughout their life.  

Components found in tobacco have been proved to negatively affect the production of testosterone and this leads to imbalances in growth hormones. Over time the penis starts to shrink. 

Smoke particles enter the bloodstream and start damaging blood veins that supply the penis with sufficient blood. When these arteries become blocked then your penis will receive insufficient blood thus leading to shrinkage over time. Quit smoking today and see the difference in a short while. 

How To Naturally Get A Bigger Peni$ From Stretching Exercises

Studies have found that the use of traction devices on the penis will add an inch if worn for nine hours daily in three months. These devices also prevent penile deformities such as the common curving to the side. The internet is filled with advice on where to find an effective penis stretching device.    

For those who prefer manual stretching, they can do so by gripping this penis and pulling and stretching gently for about ten seconds in each direction. Ten seconds stretching upwards, ten seconds to the right, down and to the left. This is about five minutes of manual penile stretching. If you do it for five minutes twice a day then the results will even surprise you. Be sure to take safety precautions and seek professional advice if you experience pain or any abnormalities.

Stretching is also a great way to become comfortable with your genitals and after all, you might learn to live with the size. It has been done before and life became more enjoyable. 

How To Naturally Get A Bigger Peni$ By Losing Weight

There is a factual bizarre statistic that shows that an inch of the penis is physically lost with every addition of fifty pounds of body weight. This supports the rumors that slim guys pack more under the hood.

This type of shrinkage invites all sorts of problems and the main one is low self-esteem. The nerve endings on the penis head may become less sensitive and sexual performance will significantly reduce. The easiest and fastest way to solve this issue is to hit the gym and join the living healthy movement. Work out and keep in shape and your penis will naturally enlarge to its glorious size in no time.

How To Naturally Get A Bigger Peni$ By Maintaining A Good Health

Make sure that you are cured of all illness that is currently eating you. This might be obesity as mentioned above, diabetes, abnormal blood pressure, depression, relationship issues, and sleep disorder. These diseases and many more can contribute to the shrinkage of your beloved penis. 

Erectile dysfunction is another major contributor to a small penis. You need to seek expert counseling services in case of psychological problems and seek the advice of your doctor for the treatment of your illnesses. Within a short while as your health regains so will the size of your penis. 

How To Naturally Get A Bigger Peni$ By Trying Jelquing

This is an effective exercise to increase the size of your penis. It also makes the organ become harder. 

To carry it out, you need to lubricate your member and ensure that it is a bit erect. Then choke the penis using your thumb and first finger. Maintain the pressure as you slowly move your hand up and down the penis. Avoid choking the head. A jelq a day will help to improve blood flow and for great results repeat the process regularly. Your penis will enlarge in no time.


Having a penis is nothing to be ashamed about; after all, it is part of your body. In case you need to avoid the side effects associated with non-natural solutions try out the tips mentioned above. If one method does not work then there is always more than one way on how to naturally get a bigger penis. 


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