How to pass all the tests of your girlfriend

1. Confidence check

After a date, the girl answers one text message out of three and keeps busy? You may have shown insecurity and your feminine instincts are wary. Now she's checking to see if it was a fluke or if you're easily taken out of your composure.


How to get through. The golden rule: approach for approach, distance for distance. Unless there's an obvious reason for her cooling off or resentment, just mirror her behavior.

2. Testing for dominance.

Does she scandalize and challenge your every opinion? You may be too easygoing for her. And she needs a father figure to build her up, order her around and buy her toys. It happens with girls from incomplete families.

How to get past it. Smoothing it over is a mistake. You just fuel the broom she's flying on. Yell at her, reprimand her, nurture her like a child. Unless, of course, you like psychological incest.


3. Reliability check.

Her parrot has cavities, the bank is demanding repayment on her lipstick loan, and a man with a beard was molesting her in church? You've shown indifference to some of her problems, and now she's checking to see if she can lean on you.


How to get through. Throw yourself at the problem, while discussing in detail how she ended up in this situation. The girl will be assured of your reliability, and seeing your meticulousness, she won't make up new incidents.

4. A test of patience

Because of the escalating international situation, your girlfriend constantly rejects you, even though you sleep together? She wants to assure you that you care not only about physiology, but also about her rich inner world. Although there is another option: she accidentally put on her friend's swimsuit in the pool and is now treating domestic gonorrhea.


How to pass. Be understanding, but mention how hard it is for you to change her caresses for vulgar sites in the video. The girl understands that comparisons to adult film actresses aren't always in her favor and will try to distract you.


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