how to prepare a real Caesar salad quickly and deliciously

A simple Caesar salad with chicken is a folk version of the classic, which was once invented by American chef of Italian origin Caesar Cardini. By the way, the idea of such a dish came into being, as they say, not from good life. Simply one day there was nothing left in the restaurant kitchen except lettuce, olive oil, parmesan cheese, bread and eggs (the times of Great Depression in the U.S.), and the guests kept coming and coming. That's when Caesar decided to combine everything available into one dish. And, strange as it may seem, it was a success, so much so that in ten-twenty years the salad became one of the most popular in the world. Our version of Caesar, of course, is "richer" and more hearty. We have chicken fillet, everyone's favorite mayonnaise and cherry tomatoes. A simple Caesar salad with chicken is quite possible to serve as a lunch or a light dinner - whatever you like!


Petelinka Recipe Contest, Caesar Nomination INGREDIENTS For the salad:


large chicken filet - 1 pc.


white bread - 200 grams


quail eggs - 2 units


leaf salad - 150 g


cherry tomatoes - 200 g


hard cheese - 150 g


For the sauce:


garlic - 1 clove


vegetable oil - 1-2 tbsp.


mustard - 1 tsp.


mayonnaise - 100-150 g


salt, pepper - to taste


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