How to prepare for a first date so that it will not be the last.

1. easy espionage: find out from social networks about a person's preferences 

You can ask your interlocutor where he/she would like to go, or infer from his/her social networks. See what kind of cuisine the new acquaintance or acquaintance prefers, what he/she adds to his/her playlist on Spotify, what genre of movies he/she chooses for leisure. This way you can get to know the person better at the correspondence stage and determine the location of the date. 


A good date is one on which both are comfortable. If you take a girl with a panic fear of heights to an extreme attraction or treat a man with a seafood allergy to oysters, there may not be a second meeting. 


2. What to say during an awkward pause or 36 questions to fall in love 

Pauses are normal on a first date. It's bad when the whole date is one big pause. Think about what to ask the person if the silence hangs. Be curious about the task: choose questions that will expose the person you're talking to from interesting angles. 

Talking is also a mistake: what you shouldn't talk about 

Some people talk too much out of excitement. While you're calm, think about topics you don't want to touch at the first meeting. It's definitely not a good idea to start a conversation about: 


Serious expectations. You don't want to tell a guy you barely know what a good father he'll be, or ask a girl on the first date if she can cook. 

Previous relationships. Forget about exes altogether and don't mention them. 

Politics or religion. Let everyone stick to their opinions, there's no point in arguing about it. 

Only about yourself. Do not go overboard with stories from his life, ask questions about the interests of a new acquaintance. 

Material wealth. You shouldn't ask about salary or real estate. The person doesn't even know if they like spending time with you yet, and you're already looking into their wallet. 

You may already have a liking for the person you're talking to. But he's still someone you don't know very well. He's unlikely to be thrilled if on a first date you tell him about the death of a beloved hamster or a failed love affair in the past. 


4. On a first date, choose a comfortable and elegant look 

Many people wear all the most beautiful things for the first meeting in order to surprise the new acquaintance. In fact, it is better to postpone experiments with appearance. Imagine: the shoes on stilettos chafed, and all night you think about getting home as quickly as possible and take them off. Or you are not dressed for the weather and freezing in a thin coat. 

Of course, you do not need to go on a date in stretch sweatpants and an old sweatshirt. The ideal formula for an outfit is elegance, comfort and appropriateness to the place. You should not come in a floppy dress on a roller coaster or in a tracksuit to an expensive restaurant. 


5. Take care of the smell. 

It's unlikely a person will be happy if you smell bad. The same goes for your breath. Bad breath won't add extra points to your scorecard. Bad breath can be a sign of gum disease and a harbinger of more dangerous situations, a domino effect. First, there are traces of blood on the toothbrush or in the sink after brushing, then there is foul breath, then the gums sink. Teeth can begin to wobble and eventually fall out. Such is the "domino effect.


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