How to quickly clean up for the beach season

Before going on vacation, many girls and women want to get their body in order. Someone strenuously begins to exercise, spending all his free time in the gym. Someone sits on a strict diet. Someone visits nutritionists, beauticians and other professionals in search of a magic recipe.


Unfortunately, that same magic pill does not exist, but there are some ways to help pull the figure and prepare the body for the beach season.


The first thing to do: decide on the number of problems that need to be eliminated. And only then proceed to the necessary actions.


It is important to keep in mind that it is impossible to change within a couple of days what has been accumulated during the long winter months. You will have to spend a fairly large amount of time. But regular and consistent actions will bring the long-awaited result. And then the hot summer days will only rejoice and charge with optimism.


To tidy up your figure


Winter cold gave the body a few extra pounds, which were quite justified and allowed to survive the unfavorable time. However, with the onset of warmth, there is no need for them. So, to get rid of excess weight, it is desirable to pay special attention to the regime of the day and diet.


It is possible that they will have to adjust significantly. And also to develop good habits that will contribute not only to finding the desired figure, but also to keep the result.

Changing your diet.


It should be borne in mind that a rigid diet and prolonged hunger strikes will not bring results, and will harm your health. It is desirable to refuse or reduce to a minimum the intake of sweet and floury foods. And also avoid all kinds of smoked foods, fried foods and too fatty foods.


It is desirable to include in your diet more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy and fragrant greens. Portions should be divided into several meals during the day. And observe the water balance by drinking more pure water or herbal teas. This will have a beneficial effect not only on body size, but also on the condition of the skin.


2. Exercise


The second step toward a desirable figure is daily exercise in the morning. Exercises should be chosen so that they help solve urgent problems: to tighten the figure in the right places, improve blood flow and lymphatic system. Such a set of exercises has the best effect on the proper regulation of metabolism, contributes to the elimination of unnecessary folds and removes flabby skin.


Particular attention should be paid to exercises that are aimed at obtaining a flat stomach, shapely legs, thin waist and taut buttocks. To get guaranteed results such a morning exercise is recommended to perform daily. And not to be bored, it is better to exercise with rhythmic and optimistic music.


3) Body Cleaning


In addition to the program of bringing the body to the summer season, it is good to cleanse the body. Slags and toxins, which accumulated over the winter, affect the skin in a bad way. For this purpose it is desirable to avoid all sorts of carbonated drinks and industrial juices. It is also desirable to give up drinking black tea and coffee.


For proper, competent and, most importantly, gentle cleansing of your body, it is recommended to include bran in your diet: nutritionists suggest taking one tablespoon of it three times a day.


Important! Bran should be used with caution, especially if there are serious stomach problems.


Body and skin care


To look attractive, you need to prepare the body for the upcoming vacation. Various exfoliations, scrubs, and massages can help.


1. Cleanse and polish your skin


Over the winter, facial skin has been exposed to aggressive environmental influences: frost and cold winds did not contribute to its health. With the advent of warmer climes, this part of the body will also require special care. If sunbathing and taking vitamins quickly help to cope with the pallor of the skin, with peeling and dryness will have to fight additionally.


To this end, use mild scrubs and peels that gently exfoliate dead cells and promote regeneration of the skin. In addition, beauticians recommend using serums and cleansing masks regularly, alternating them. After cleansing procedures, you should apply a moisturizing cream to your face that is appropriate for your skin type and age.


2. Clean up problem areas


During a beach vacation your skin should be as naked as possible, so you should give extra attention to problem areas such as your elbows, heels, knees and toes. These areas also require the use of exfoliation and frequent moisturizing. And a regular pedicure will help in a short time to prepare this part of the body for summer.


To soften rough skin on the elbows, it is recommended to use the simplest home method: to put a slice of lemon to this area for a few minutes. To get a quick and reliable effect, such a procedure is carried out twice a day.


3. Prepare skin for tanning


A beautiful even tan will look good on properly prepared skin. To make it smooth and silky, it is desirable to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the legs in time. For this purpose there are many ways that are suitable for almost any skin type.


However, in anticipation of the beach season, you should not experiment with new ways, and use already familiar, to which the skin reacts normally.


4. Using a contrast shower


Taking a contrast shower in the morning not only helps to invigorate the body, but also helps to firm and tighten the skin. Such a procedure is preferably carried out after morning exercises.


Contrast dousing should be carried out correctly: feet stand in a basin with warm water and take a hot shower to warm up the body. Then for one minute pour warm water, and then 30 seconds of cold water. Repeat the alternation of several times. Finish the procedure with a dousing with cold water.




Preparing your body for the beach season is a fairly responsible and time-consuming procedure. However, a positive attitude, regular exercise and self-care, as well as the observance of good nutrition will help to get a dream figure and to meet the beach season fully armed.


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