How to Quit Smoking ( My True Life Experience)

Quitting smoking of tobacco is one of the hardest thing I've ever done but somewhat the easiest if you can apply this simple steps I'm about to teach you in this article.


This article is more of my personal experience and how I was able to get rid of the addiction completely. I was so addicted that the first thing I do as I awake is to light up a stick of cigarette before brushing my teeth. If I don't smoke after every meal, I  will definitely throw up. I can't use the convenient without smoking while defecating. At the absence of my brand I could smoke anything in as much as it's a cigarette. Everyone gave up on me thinking I was going to die of lungs failure soonest .


In the year 2008, my fiancee asked me to choose between Her and tobacco smoking. Funny enough I chose tobacco but on 31 December 2012 I took the last drag of what I called the end of an addiction.  


How I did it, is what I'm about to share with you in this article. This is five easy step to quit smoking.


👉 WRITE DOWN YOUR REASONS why do you want to quit, what are the benefits of quitting ?  You're to write these as it will constantly remind you of what and why you doing what you are doing.


👉 TAKE A RESOLUTION you should take a resolution and say to yourself that this is what I want to do while always reflecting at number one step above.


👉MAKE THIS VOW this is like my favorite and if I might tag it the phrase that made me stop smoking. Tell yourself I AM THE ONE CONTROLLING MYSELF AND NOT MYSELF CONTROLLING ME  


👉 AVOID TRIGGERING FRIENDS AND PLACES avoid places and companies that will easily influence you while always reflecting on step one, two and three above 


👉KILL IDLENESS  avoid being idle or thinking too much. 


And finally one Bonus step 


👉 ALWAYS REMIND YOURSELF OF THE VOW YOU'VE MADE whenever the urge to smoke pops in, always remember the vow you made at step three. 


If you could follow this simple steps then I'm sure you will find it very easy to quit smoking completely like I did


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