How to rank #1 in YouTube search: SEO formula and tips?

How to rank #1 in YouTube search: SEO formula and tips?



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Do you own a YouTube channel or are you planning of starting one? Here are 9 tips to rank #1 on youtube search page. This has been proved efficient by many youtubers and is also their secret of how they rank in the first page of simple youtube searches.


9 tips to rank #1 in youtube


  • First part of the title


The first part of the title should explain exactly what the content of your video is. YouTube gives more importance to the first few words of your title rather than it in whole.


Rather than giving a 'How to make a chocolate milkshake' as your title, choose 'Chocolate Milkshake recipe at home'.


  • Engage viewers


What most famous youtubers do is, they use call-to-action (CTO). They ask for feedbacks or reply for a particular question to comment in the comment box below.


Instead of using 'Let us know what you think about this video in the comment section', as them a particular question. This will make it more easier for the viewer to comment as now they know what to comment and it has been made specific.




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  • TAB formula for video tags


This has been proved effective by Brian Dean, a famous youtuber, and many others as well. Most of his videos has ranked in the first page of youtub searches.


Video tags must be specific and must explain what the video is really about. Dont add many tags thinking that would help. That would only make it hard for youtube to understand what your video is really about.


TAB stands for Taget, Alternative and Broad tags.


Add the specific content as the first tag.

Add few alternative tags which also represents the content.

Finally add Broad tag which gives the idea of what the video is based on.


For example, for chocolate milkshake, we can add the following tags:


  1. Chocolate Milkshake recipe
  2. Chocolate Milkshake at home
  3. Chocolate milkshake with ice cream
  4. Milkshakes
  5. Health


  • Make eye catching thumbnails


This plays a very important role in click rate. Just like the title, this too must be very attractive. This should catch the attention of the viewers and make them want to see your video.


Use colors which dont make you blend in with youtube or other videos. Dont use red, white or black(youtube colors). Instead, use eye catching colors like green, blue or purple. This makes your video stand out from the crowd. This makes your video more clickable.


Add text in your thumbnail but not too much. Add about 20-30 characters in your thumbnail which explain what the video is about. Make it big and bold.




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  • Mini blog-like descriptions


Description plays a major role in SEO as well. Instead of giving common desciptions, give them a small understanding of the content. Dont explain your whole video. Add things which will make them curious to see your video.


Use many keywords related to your content which will help ranking when your tags are searched.


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  • Video length


Video length must be long but not too long. The recommended length for a video to rank up is 8 to 15 minutes long. If your video is any kind of educational video or a crash course, it can go long as few hours as well.


  • Use of parenthesis/brackets


Believe it or not, studies have shown that the rate of clicking on video with brackets present in the title is way higher than those without brackets.


You can use brackets denoting the year, or 'fast' or in any other way.


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  • Rank in suggested videos


Here is another efficient way of getting views. Rank up in suggested videos of famous and most viewed videos.


To do this, copy few keywords/tags from famous videos as it is to your videos. Use similar tags of such videos. Make your video longer than that video and explain the content better than them.


Recreate their video by yourself and you will rank in their suggested video. You will also get a lot of views.


Do not copy or edit their videos and upload it as your own. This will cause your channel or video to be banned due to copyright strikes.


  • Find what viewers like in your video


Go to analytics and check where people tend to skip or leave from your video. Watch that part of your video. Correct it and stop using similar things in future videos.


Also observe where people stay and watch in your videos. Find out the interesting parts of your video which kept them watching and add that in further uploads. May it be a joke or just the change in camera angle.


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Follow these steps and you can rank #1 in youtube search.


  1. Title
  2. Engagement
  3. Tags
  4. thumbnail
  5. Description
  6. Length
  7. Use brackets
  8. suggested video ranking
  9. Increase watch time


The TAB formula will help you out a lot as it has been used by many at the time famous youtubers.


Remember that starting a youtube channel can be tough and it will take a lot of time. But as long as you continue to upload contents on daily/weekly basis, your channel will begin to grow and you will get many subscribers and views.


You can also earn money out of youtube.


Good luck!


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