How to recover faster from coronavirus:Food, sports and salon procedures

While a year ago we had no idea what consequences coronavirus leads to, today doctors agree that COVID-19 doesn't just go away. Eighty-six percent of patients who have had the disease experience post-convulsive symptoms that affect a variety of organs. We tell you what to eat and what not to eat, what sports to play, and what beauty treatments to sign up for to help your weakened body get back to normal faster.

1. Nutrition:

The most important thing to understand during and after a covid illness is that it is not like typical colds. The coronavirus does not go away on its own in 7-10 days and is very debilitating for the body. Both to fight the virus and during the long recovery period, the body needs a lot of resources, which we mainly get from food.


Scientists from all over the world unanimously declare that those who have had coronavirus should gradually return to physical activity. After the "corona" their body is already weakened (this applies even to those who have had it in a mild form), and heavy exercise will wear it out even more, as it will consume more oxygen to work the muscles, heart and blood vessels. Doctors advise starting with regular walking. But you do not need to make long marches of several kilometers, walk at a quiet pace for 30 minutes a day. 


If you were in the gym almost every day before the disease, then return there gradually: two times a week will be enough. Dumbbells and other weight machines is better to postpone, give preference to cardio exercises. It is desirable to train under the supervision of a professional trainer, whom you will warn in advance that you had COVID-19 and are now recovering.

3.Salon treatments

In addition to a balanced diet and exercise, various beauty treatments can help you recover faster from COVID-19.


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