How to remove pips from a cherry

Tip #1
special pitter remover
Rinse your cherries in a colander and remove the petioles if necessary. If you have a special pitter peeler, place one cherry under the point and press until a pith comes out the other side. The process is not the neatest!
Tip #2.
Squeeze the cherries with a knife.
Don't have a special appliance? Press the cherries with a knife to open them and remove the pips. Or use a pin. Make sure there are no pips left you don't want to stumble on them when enjoying dessert.
Tip #3.
Cherry Jubilee Dessert
Cherry Jubilee dessert is an old classic recipe that uses the underrated flambé technique. Flambéing caramelizes the sugar and makes the flavor deeper; it's everything you need for summer ripe cherries.


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