How to Root on Android Phone

The rooting process is the process when we open the android security system. Many people do it to create possibilities for several things, for example, removing default applications, increasing memory space, making the cellphone not freeze when playing games. Given that the manufacturer of android does not give access rights to various systems that are planted. So root provides convenience to its users. However, the advantages that we can get can pose risks in the future. Among them is that we will lose the cellphone warranty and the virus becomes easy to enter. As a result, there are many bad possibilities that can happen on the cellphone. For those who are really interested but don't know,

Here are the steps they can follow

1. Download the kingroot app

Kingroot is a special app made to root android with one click. Look for kingroot not on playstore but on the internet. Once installed then open the app and click on the circle. Make sure your cellphone is still 50 percent of the remaining power. Wait a moment. When finished there is a notification that your cellphone is rooted. If it fails, try again. If you can't. It means that your cellphone is not suitable for using kingroot. Kingroot has been proven effective for all types of cellphones including Samsung.

2. Download the framaroot application

Framaroot is a special application made to root android with one step. Download framaroot on the internet. Its performance is almost the same as kingroot. After successfully installed on the cellphone. You just have to follow some procedures. then wait for the process to finish. It usually takes a few minutes. If successful, a super su will appear indicating the root process has been running properly. Framaroot tested for many versions of cellphones under 5.1.1 or we call android lollipop.

3. Use kinguser zip

After the kinguser zip is downloaded. Move files to SD Card. Turn off your cellphone then press the power and volume buttons at the same time. Then a screen will appear with the text. Scroll down with volume keys then select apply update from sd card. Wait for the installation process to complete. If the kinguser application appears then the root process is successful.


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