How to save money if you don't have any?

Start planning your spending, look for free entertainment analogues, and don't be tempted by discounts.

In Russia, about 20 million people have an income belowThe ratio of money income to the subsistence minimum, set for 2021, and the number of low-income people for the I and II quarters of 2021 / Federal State Statistics Service of the subsistence minimum. When you get pennies, it's no longer up to you to save for a big purchase. Even creating a financial safety cushion is very difficult. This situation leads to despair. Advice such as "do not buy a coffee to go" will not help if you do not buy it. That's why you need to redouble your efforts to control the money. Be conscious about it, and you'll get it right.


1. Start budgeting.

This is good for everyone, but especially on a small salary. You will see exactly what you spend your money on and plan what you want to spend.


Get a regular notebook or a special app and write down your income and expenses throughout the month. At the end of the term, analyze the accumulated information. Look at how much is spent on food, transport, entertainment, shopping for the house. Consider what you can give up to save money. Based on this, plan your finances for the next month.


2. Pay your required bills right away.

Don't put off paying your loans and utilities until later. You may think that you have a lot of money and can buy everything you want right after you get paid. This deceptive feeling can lead to debt. Penalties are assessed for late payments. If you accumulate them over several months, you can find yourself in a very difficult situation.


3. Decide what you are ready to give up.

Cutting back on everything is hard. Constant restrictions make life miserable. In this state, it is easy to snap and buy something unnecessary, just to get rid of oppressive feelings. So think about what you agree to save money on, and what not.


For example, you like to swim or paint, these activities make life brighter and energize you positive. Don't give them up. Calculate how much you spend a month on your favorite hobby, and save the right amount for another expense category.


4. look for free equivalents.

If you have many hobbies and hobbies, you shouldn't spend on all of them. You can probably save money on some.


If you like to read, don't buy books, but borrow them from the library. Many even have electronic versions available now.

If you learn a foreign language for your own pleasure, do not go to paid courses. There are enough sources on the Internet for self-study: videos, exercises, serials with subtitles, services for communication with foreigners.

If you want to work out, don't buy a gym membership. Exercise at home, run in the park, look for free master classes.

5. Don't buy things just because they're cheap.

Chances are they are of lower quality and will last less. If you need shoes or outerwear, it's better to choose something of higher quality. It may be more expensive, but it will stay with you for a longer time.


Cheap things can buy small children. They grow up quickly, so it will not be offensive that the clothes are worn out just a few months.


6. Buy from scratch.

If you need sports equipment, children's furniture or a carnival costume, you don't have to buy new ones. There are good items on classifieds sites that have only been used a couple of times. Someone has changed his mind to play sports, someone thing did not fit in size, or just did not like it. Do not miss the opportunity to save money by giving up used things.


7. Unsubscribe from the store's mailing list.

Every new email is a source of temptation. Seeing a message about discounts, promo codes and secret promotions will make you want to buy something, even if you don't need anything. At the end of such letters there is a link to unsubscribe, click on it and live a little quieter.


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