how to save your life with injuries and cuts

Rules of conduct

Purpose and procedure for performing a survey of the victim


The purpose of the survey is to determine the signs of bleeding that requires an early stop. The survey is carried out very quickly, within 1-2 seconds, from head to toe.


The concepts of "bleeding", "acute blood loss"


Bleeding is understood as a situation when blood (normally located inside the vessels of the human body) leaves the vascular bed for various reasons (most often as a result of injury), which leads to acute blood loss – the irretrievable loss of part of the blood. This is accompanied by a decrease in the function of the circulatory system for the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the organs, which is accompanied by a deterioration or cessation of their activity.


The main signs of acute blood loss:


* sharp general weakness;


* feeling thirsty;


* dizziness;


* flashing of "flies" before the eyes;


* fainting, more often when trying to get up;


* pale, moist and cold skin;


* rapid heartbeat;


* frequent


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