How to speak English without hesitation?

We all want to communicate with people around the world ,but the problem is that we don't know English. English is international language and easy to learn when we have zeal to do it. There are some suggestions by me which helps you to speak English with confidence. 

1. Write paragraph about anything everyday it will help you to develop your writing skills. Gradually you will have beautiful writing among your colleagues if you start doing from today. Most of the people don't know what to write, I suggest to those people to write about daily life or the opinion about something it helps to develop mental skills also.


2.  everyday to learn English. When you start watching English channel it will help you start thinking in English when you start thinking in English then it naturally comes to your mouth to speak English which helps you to speak without hesitation.


3. Read English books everyday which you have interest to read sports, novels etc. It will help you to learn New vocublary and you will have advance word to speak with someone that will impress the other person when you speak English before. 


4. Whenever you read English don't go instantly to look difficult words just try to understand without knowing the meaning of that words. It will help you to boost your understanding when you have difficulty not to know the meaning of word's.


5. Whenever you read book's just mark difficult words and use that words in daily on your life.When you use that difficult word in your daily life it will help you to remember that words and you will have good word's to speak with another person. 


6. Try to make conversation with people everyday who knows English, When you start speak English with person who knows an English they will help you to reach the destination you would like to reach in English. If  you don't have such friends there are various app in Google Play Store just go with it.


7.Whenever you feel that you are able to understand and write then indulge yourself in debate or discussion. It will give you chance to speak before the person whom you hesitate to speak. Keep in mind nobody perfect in English either they are European or American. One can find mistake of them in the English songs.


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