How to Start Your Morning if You Want to Be a Rich Man

 Many of us have an ordinary, average morning: didn't get enough sleep, didn't get ready, didn't eat, was late everywhere, and similar mishaps...


But we all want or try to want to achieve efficiency from their own productivity for the day! 


So, there are a few points that a "rich" and "successful" person should follow!

If you wake up to an annoying alarm clock, something you hate with all your heart and get angry every morning is a dull affair! 

Start your morning before the alarm clock!

Well, if you cannot do it at all, wake up at least with gratitude to the morning and to your beloved! (Read The Magic of Morning by Hal Elrod.)

Before leaving home, wish yourself success - if you are a woman, and good luck - if you are a man!

A sincere wish lays a powerful charge of effectiveness for the day!

Distribute and plan your day so that you will have time to implement all the planned activities. After all, if you don't time it right, you'll miss out on many high-priority and important tasks.

You can achieve a high efficiency by organizing your day correctly! And this will be your success! 

During the day write down all your expenses in a notebook, and at the end of the month sum up the results, commensurate with the level of income.

After all, keeping track of your money is extremely important in achieving material wealth! After all, it's not for nothing that they say, "Money likes to count!"

At the end of the day, thank yourself and the day for the given opportunities and the accomplished, pre-scheduled affairs! Drink a hot soothing tea, meditate and get ready for bed, getting ready for the new, not less effective day!


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