How to stop being nervous and become calm

Method #1: Release negativity through the body

The fastest way for you to get the accumulated negative emotions out through your body is through sports. Negativity comes out through the body the fastest. Running, strength training, fitness, dancing - choose what you like. Already after a few days of training you will feel a significant relief. But the main condition is that the first week you must "plow", work literally to the limit, not feeling sorry for yourself. At the initial stage of work it is important to start the mechanism of toxins withdrawal. For this purpose, it is necessary to make maximum efforts, to work hard at least during the first week. Otherwise the negative emotions accumulated in your body will stay inside you. If laziness prevents you from beginning to do sports, I recommend you to read an article on how to overcome laziness.


For the first month, I suggest exercising three or four times a week. This will help you to remove from your body all the accumulated blocks, slags and toxins formed as a result of suppressing negative emotions. Force yourself, literally take yourself to the gym.


Working out gives brilliant results, you will feel yourself becoming calmer, easier to tolerate small setbacks and focus on the positives. This is because while exercising, the body not only releases negativity, but also produces positivity in the form of endorphin, the so-called happiness hormone. So if you want to stop being nervous, become calmer and even happier, run to the workout!


Method #2: Resource Moments - Anchors

In this section, I'm going to tell you about a stress-relieving exercise. It brings the body back to the state of happiness you once experienced. Our unconscious mind stores all the information it has ever received. In other words, on a subconscious level, you remember absolutely everything that happened in your life from the moment you were born until today. The only problem is that there is a barrier between the conscious and the unconscious, and not everyone can overcome this barrier.


The easiest memories to bring back to consciousness are those to which smells and sensations are attached. It is the sense of smell and kinesthetics (bodily sensations) that are always one hundred percent imprinted on your body. For this reason, the smell of tangerines reminds you of New Year's celebrations, and the smell of, for example, baked goods, brings back childhood memories of summer at your grandmother's house in the countryside. How does it work? Something happens to you, and at that time you smell something or experience a certain sensation in your body.


The next time you smell the same smell or experience the same sensation, you'll be flooded with memories of the situation you were in (or you'll find it easier to sink into). Exercise. Whenever you are in a resourceful state (when you really feel good), smell something and remember that smell. If you succeed, remember your sensations in the body as well. And then this resource state will stay with you forever.



For example, remember the last time you went to the sea. Do you remember how it smells? Or maybe you remember what you felt in your body when you were lying on the shore? Or, for example, you bought a pina colada more than once on that vacation, and it's its smell that you now associate with that vacation. In general, remember a smell or sensation that reminds you of that vacation. It works! Do it now and see for yourself.


When you're exposed to a pleasant memory, your brain will let you feel that smell or that bodily sensation again. And if the smell or sensation you're looking for is within your reach, give it to yourself in person (not just through memory). For example, order that pina colada at the bar. But if the smell you are looking for is the smell of the sea itself, and the sensations cannot be replaced by anything, then simply recall that smell or sensations, and then the body will feel the pleasure you experienced while on vacation. This exercise brings you back to the state you were once in.


Of course, it doesn't have to be the sea. And it doesn't even have to be a place, but, for example, a person with whom you felt good. Remember his smell and your feelings next to him, and you will feel as good as you did then. This technique will help you calm your nerves, no matter how unbalanced you may be. Learn to remember smells and sensations when you feel good. Ideally, you can purposely smell something and thus make a connection in your head between a pleasant event and an odor. Do it constantly, and then the happy moments of your life will be clearly remembered by you. And to return to that state now is not difficult - because you have remembered the smell and the feeling.


This technique is called "anchoring. Anchors are keys to memories (in this case smells and feelings). Anchor yourself to every pleasant event in your life, and then it will be easy for you to return to a state of happiness in any unclear situation.

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