How to strengthen the immune system and never get sick again

Как укрепить иммунную систему?




Закаливание - это, по сути, тренировка иммунной системы. Главный принцип закаливания: умеренность, постепенность и регулярность.

Начните с малого: больше гуляйте, чаще проветривайте квартиру, ходите по дому босиком, вытирайтесь губкой или полотенцем, смоченным в прохладной воде, умойтесь прохладной водой. Затем можно переходить к более серьезным процедурам: обливание холодной водой, контрастный душ. Контрастный душ, кстати, очень полезен для тренировки сердечно-сосудистой системы, оздоровления кожи, профилактики целлюлита. Только не забывайте об осторожности и постепенности! Если у вас уже есть проблемы с сердечно-сосудистой системой, заранее проконсультируйтесь с кардиологом.

Очень важно проводить процедуры закалки регулярно, без длительных пауз между ними.

Start the hardening procedures only if you are completely healthy. Ideally, after consulting your doctor.




A balanced nutrition rich in vitamins and trace elements is necessary to strengthen your body. Your diet should be as varied as possible so you get all the nutrients and trace elements you need. Every day in the diet should be present all major food groups: dairy, starchy, vegetables, fruits, sources of complex carbohydrates, protein and fats. Complex carbohydrates are found in cereals, pasta, potatoes, bran bread and whole grain yeast-free bread. They take a long time to digest, unlike the simple carbohydrates found in sugar, cookies, cakes, and other sweets. One also needs non-digestible carbohydrates, such as fiber or dietary fiber. They create a feeling of fullness and, in addition, are useful for digestion. Such carbohydrates are contained in oatmeal and wholemeal bread.

In addition, our body needs fats, because they help to assimilate vitamins A and E. If we don't have enough fats, our skin looks worse, our liver suffers, and our sex hormones stop producing. Fats can be saturated or unsaturated. The latter are better absorbed, respectively, they are more useful. They are good to get them from fatty fish, avocados, almonds, and olive oil. Of course, the use of products containing hidden unhealthy fats, such as mayonnaise, sausage, and cakes, should be limited.

Sources of protein are fish, meat, dairy products, eggs, legumes, nuts, and mushrooms.

Eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, preferably in a non-heated form, to preserve vitamins.


Vitamins and probiotics


Numerous studies show that in Russia, and in other countries as well, the vast majority of people suffer from hypovitaminosis - a lack of vitamins. As you know, vitamins are not formed in the human body, with the exception of vitamin D and vitamins synthesized by gut bacteria, so must always be present in food. But even with the most rational diet (and let's be honest - most of us do not have a perfectly balanced diet) human diet today "understaffed" vitamins by 20-30%. The absorption of vitamins from "artificial" preparations is often higher than from regular food.

Accordingly, it is necessary to take regular multivitamin preparations. During illness, stress, depression, increased stress, pregnancy, smoking and alcohol abuse, taking antibiotics, the need for vitamins increases. Duration of taking multivitamins is determined by a doctor, and is usually 1-3 months, a course preferably repeated 2-4 times a year. Vitamins are better absorbed if the daily dose is divided into several receptions, the main drugs is better to appoint the first half of the day, as in the evening and at night, the body's metabolism slows down. Since a person always gets vitamins from food, it is better to take vitamin preparations with meals, so they are absorbed more completely.

In addition to vitamins, probiotics are important for strengthening the immune system. Probiotics are medicines or biologically active food supplements that contain live microorganisms, which are representatives of normal human microflora. They are designed to restore the disturbed balance of microorganisms that inhabit different human mucosa, and are therefore used to treat and prevent immune deficiencies, dysbacteriosis and related diseases.

Probiotics stimulate the immune system at all levels, as proven by numerous clinical studies. Probiotics and vitamins should not be prescribed on your own, it is better if your doctor does it.

Regimen and physical activity


For the normal functioning of the whole body and human well-being is very important regime.

Try to get up and go to bed at the same time, get enough sleep. More rest, walk in the fresh air. It is necessary to do sports, exercise.

Regular physical activity has a beneficial effect on the immune system. During active physical activity increases the general tone of the body, improves mood, which contributes to greater activity and a burst of energy, the blood is enriched with oxygen, improves sleep and appetite. Physical activity helps get rid of stress, the body produces endorphins ("happy hormones").

And be sure to walk outdoors. If the weather permits, try to spend at least an hour outdoors every day. Ideally during daylight hours, because the sun is not only important for the production of vitamin D, but without sunlight there are lower levels of serotonin (another "happy hormone") in the blood, which is responsible for our good mood. In the fall and winter, the lack of sunlight is a problem, as we get up after dark and leave work after the sun has gone down. Take advantage of any opportunity to catch the daylight: take a walk during your lunch break, be sure to plan walks on the weekends.


Give up bad habits


Bad habits like smoking, alcohol, abuse of drugs and narcotics greatly weaken the immune system of the body, impair the functioning of many organs, destroy blood vessels, brain, lungs, increase the risk of diseases. In fact, if you constantly poison yourself with smoking, alcohol, etc., it's hard to expect your body to be in good condition. Alcohol and nicotine depress the immune system, so it no longer performs its protective functions. By the way, many medicines can also weaken the immune system, so, firstly, do not take pills without a prescription, and secondly, if you take medications, strengthen the measures to strengthen the immune system.


Positive mindset in life


У людей существует тесная взаимосвязь между физическим и эмоциональным компонентами. Если жизнь человека не приносит радости и удовольствия, то срабатывают биологические механизмы самоуничтожения. Будьте позитивными, будьте счастливы каждый день - для этого всегда есть причина. Умение позитивно воспринимать любую действительность - буквально залог здоровья и долголетия.

Надеемся, что наши советы помогут вам стать здоровее, а предстоящий осенне-зимний сезон принесет вам только радость, а не болезни!

Читайте наши статьи, ведь будет много полезного и интересного!)



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