how to survive in the forest

What to do if you get lost in the forest

On the territory of the south of the Tyumen region, cases of loss of people in the forests have become more frequent, fortunately, most of these cases end safely thanks to the prompt and professional actions of rescuers. In order to avoid accidents, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Tyumen region recalls the rules of behavior in the forest:


Before going out into the forest, warn your family where you are going.


If you are going to the forest by car, think about whether there is enough gasoline to drive there and back.


Not in your bag, but in your pocket, always have a knife, matches in a dry box and a watch - they will help you not to panic and navigate like a compass.


Dress brightly - in camouflage you may not be found from three meters away, preferably red, red, yellow, white jackets, it is good to stick reflective stripes or drawings.


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