How to take care of your teeth?

Your teeth chew the food that enters your body. To keep your teeth good for years to come, you need to take good care of them, and we'll tell you about it: How do you take tend of your teeth?

Get rid of bad habits.

Bad habits are not the best companions in human life. Smoking, nail biting, drinking alcoholic beverages - all this strikes not only the body, but also the tooth enamel and dental health.

A checkup at the doctor's office.

Many people, maybe all people, are afraid of dentists. They put off their checkup even if there is pain. Only untimely treatment leads to bad consequences. By the way, there are family doctors who treat children, men and women, which means they are good psychologists, and it is better to make an appointment with them. Speaking of children, I'd like to say that the sooner the baby teeth fall out, the more even the new teeth will be. In addition, now medicine has stepped forward, children's dentist in a bright uniform, often show by the example of toy teeth how teeth look and how to care for them. They tell you what they will do.

You can use the services of free medicine and go to the clinic in the community, or you can use the free services of a paid center. Many clinics attract the attention of new clients with free consultations, as well as treatment under the MHI system in order to increase the number of clients and attract attention to their center. The third option is to use coupons on specialized discount sites. There is also a 4th option for treatment - dental tourism! The farther away you are from a major city, the cheaper your dental treatment will be.

Dentists around the world recommend having a professional tooth cleaning at least once every six months. It is also worth watching your teeth and removing wisdom teeth in time (provided that they cause pain and can also destroy the neighboring teeth). For people who are afraid, there is tooth extraction in their sleep, otherwise under anesthesia. Fall asleep, wake up without a tooth. But many people are psychologically unable to adjust, and some are recommended (even children, such as with cerebral palsy, when a person cannot sit still in a chair).

Proper nutrition.

It is best to give up coffee, carbonated drinks, as well as dyed water (with dyes) if possible, try to drink green tea, water. It is worth reconsidering your diet to include healthy foods: carrots, cabbage, dairy products, as well as greens, fish, nuts and apples. The ideal diet when there are different colors of food throughout the day.

Brush your teeth.

Everyone knows that you should brush your teeth at least twice a twenty-four hours: in the forenoon and in the evening. Normal people brush their teeth after every eating and after sleeping. Not all people work on a 5-2 schedule, there are some who work a 2-2, every other day, so people have a rest on their day off. By the way, brushing your teeth before giving blood is not recommended. Because toothpaste contains different substances that can affect the result. You can brush your teeth with a regular toothbrush (choose medium-hardness, labeled medium) or an electric toothbrush, or you can buy an irrigator. It cleans well the interdental space, massaging the gums, removes soft plaque, and is great for cleaning teeth with braces or crowns.

Speaking of brushing teeth, let's give an answer, but how to choose a toothbrush? A small size toothbrush is good for a child, a bigger one for an adult. There are 3 classifications for toothbrushes: soft, medium and hard. How often should I shift my toothbrush? Ideally once every 3-4 months, but you also want to look at the circumstances. If you have been ill (acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections), and the bristles at the base are in different directions, we buy a new toothbrush in the store. There are brushes on sale with a flat surface, there are bristles of different sizes, the choice depends on your preferences and comfort when brushing.

Professional oral hygiene includes a thorough cleaning by your dentist. A toothbrush doesn't always clean all the food particles; if you don't brush well, you may have deposits in the form of tartar in the future. It's harder and more expensive to clean. If you're doing everything right, brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, seeing a dentist periodically and eating right, and you still have bad breath, then you should see a gastroenterologist and have your stomach checked.

The right toothpaste.

In our grandmothers' time, there was tooth powder on the market, and it is still on the market today. Doctors prefer it for professional tooth brushing. Toothpaste not only comes in different colors (in addition to white, you can buy red, green and orange) and flavors (in addition to mint there are strawberry, chocolate, orange), but it also comes with small particles. There is a whitening toothpaste, but doctors do not recommend its use often, because it erases tooth enamel. But toothpaste containing herbs and minerals will always be helpful.


If you do not have the opportunity to brush your teeth, but there is a need to freshen the mouth, it is recommended to buy a mouthwash. It is a transparent bottle of liquid, most often in the flavor of mint, but there are other options. Pour a little liquid into the bottle, fill your mouth, gargle, then spit it out. If there is a strong desire to gargle your mouth with additional water, you can, there is nothing wrong with it.

Chewing Gum.

Chewing gum is a good teeth cleaner after a meal when you can't brush your teeth. It is advisable to always have it in your purse (or pocket). Many restaurants offer it along with the bill for service. Food scraps will stick to the chewing gum. While at the checkout counter at the supermarket, grab a pair of chewing gum.


Another good invention for people on oral care is flossing. We pass it between the teeth. It cleans well the interdental space from food debris and also removes white plaque.

Tooth care begins in childhood, teach children proper care and avoid sweets (or eat them in moderation), then their teeth will be healthy and beautiful!

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Thank you for the update and timely warning, yes it is our wake up call 🍞

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Yes it is eye opener thank you so much for the massage.

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