How to treat colds at home?

People are in no hurry to go to the medico or to take a sick leave when the first signs of a cold appear: sore throat, stuffy nose or runny nose, cough in the chest. People are afraid of losing wages, so they keep going to work.

Also during the cold season in clinics there is a large appointment to see a doctor, and you may get in, at best, only a week later. Not all people agree to be treated for money in paid centers, then there is a way to treat colds at home. It takes just one day to boost immunity, but it will take at least three days for a full recovery.

How to treat a cold?

At the first signs of malaise in the body, loss of strength should be aimed at raising the immune scheme. There are lot ways to improve your soundness, let's take a look at the main ones in our health article.

1. Drinking more fluids.

Many people know that a person at any time of the year should saturate the body with water. In the season of colds, you need to drinking water more often. It is best to drink grassy tea, tincture with rose hips or berries such as sea buckthorn, as well as cranberry morsel. Also add ginger, lemon and honey to the tea.

Useful in the flu and cold season is chicken broth. If you don't have the energy to make it yourself, you can ask family members or a loved one.

2. Steam your feet.

When sick, a person often gets cold and chills all over his body, so he needs to warm up. The easy way to do this is to steam your feet. We add oils to the basin: mint, pine, eucalyptus and the like. You can add them all together in small drops, or you can choose one oil variant.

These oils can be purchased at drugstores or in the department of "everything for baths and saunas". At the same time aromatherapy takes place, and your feet become warmer. After such a mini bath, put on warm socks and rest.

3. relaxation.

During a cold, a person is obviously not a worker. Brain processes slow down, most often the voice sags, and the person blows his nose all the time, it scares others away. More often the voice sits and it is difficult to speak at all. Many clients and employees will turn away from the contagious person, moreover, they will express their dissatisfaction to the management.

During this period, ask to switch with a colleague or ask to be excused from work. You can not carry a cold on your feet, in addition, an infected person can infect others. And then the company could lose several workers for a week at a time.

At home, it is not necessary to sleep, you can just lie down and watch an interesting movie on YouTube, read or embroider a cross.

4. Killing bacteria.

In kindergartens, teachers "kill" viral bacteria. To do this, they cut onions and garlic into cubes and place them on plates. They put them in different places. Such a method is done at home as well.

There are also houseplants that kill bacteria - these are cacti, chlorophytum, geraniums, ferns, as well as aloe. We buy healthy plants for the house and place them in different rooms.

5. Throat gargling.

Not everyone can tolerate throat gargling. It seems simple. Pour the mixture into a glass, stand in the bathroom and gargle. Many people have a gag reflex, but how else can you get harmful bacteria out of your throat?

6. Honey and honey products.

When you have a cold, honey is never superfluous. There should always be honey in the house. We add it to tea, eat it. Pollen, honeybee pollen, propolis and other products beneficial to the human body. Who eats honey every day, they get sick less often, and if they get sick, then their body is easier to carry the disease, and quickly suppresses the virus.

7. Medications.

It is not needful to refuse medications. In advance you should have a box of vitamins, pills, and use a spray for a runny nose. The medicine eases the cold and gets a person back on their feet faster.

How to avoid the common cold?

In our article, we told you how to treat colds at home. Now we will give you tips on how to avoid colds altogether? And is it possible in today's world?

1. Washing your hands.

Most people use public transportation. Many people sneeze, cough, and then grab doors, handles, seats, handrails, bars, and other objects.

Then you come in and also grab. From school biology course remember that acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections are transmitted by airborne droplets.

It is best to have in your bag a moist towelette, a special gel for treating hands, and periodically wipe your hands.

Before eating in a cafe, as well as after arriving home or visiting guests, be sure to wash your hands. By the way, few people know, but it is better to wash your hands with hard soap. It removes harmful germs from the surface.

2. Fresh air.

Travel is a popular topic nowadays, so we go out to the park. We walk around, enjoy the beautiful scenery, views, be sure to take selfies. Don't look for excuses that it's snowing or raining outside or you don't have anyone to go with. Get dressed for the weather and go for a walk. While you are not at home, open all the windows wide, by the way, such prevention is also done in schools. The air in the room is renewed.

3. Vitamins.

Vitamins in jars are an additional source of what a person does not get throughout the day. You should not drink them every day, but during the season of colds you can add them to your body.

The food should be varied, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, and fresh juices (freshes). Carrot juice is notably useful during the cold season.

4. Cleaning.

Cleaning the house is another tip. The cleaner your apartment, the better you and your children breathe. Walls, furniture surfaces can be cleaned with a tissue soaked in tea wood oil. It has antiseptic properties.

5. Dress for the weather.

Always keep an eye on the weather. The TV, radio, thermometer, and an app on your cell phone can tell you the temperature outside the window. If you are going out to visit, to the nature far from home, to the woods, it is rater to take a backpack. In it put warm socks, a jacket and gloves, as well as a thermos of delicious tea. If you get really cold, it will helping you get warm.

6. Life in the countryside.

Now the trend of people moving from large cities is gaining momentum. There are more trees, brighter landscapes, cleaner water, and fewer landfills in the countryside. Now people tend to have their own homes and households. Children do not sit in apartments, but spend all their free period in the fresh atmosphere. In the summertime, they are tanned, and in the wintertime, they have a blush on their face. Rural children are much healthier than urban children.

10. Salt Cave.

It is believed that the salt is therapeutic. The salt is in the air, when inhaled it is deposited in the lungs and causes the bronchial sputum to liquefy

Not recommended for people with poor blood tension. The salt cave lowers blood pressure.

Only we can take care of our health, as well as the health of our loved ones! We didn't tell you how to cure a cold in 24 hours, because it's unrealistic, but we did give basic advice and recommendations on how to avoid colds and what to do at the first signs of a cold, as well as how to treat it.


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