How to use food wrap

How to use cling film.


Cling film will protect your hands when you need to work with a rake or shovel. 

Just wrap cling film around the handle of your tool, and no more blisters on your palms!  






Always wrap leftover ice cream in cling film before sending it to the freezer.

The ice cream will be at its best, no crystallisation!

Ice Cream


By wrapping clingfilm around the brush, you'll keep the tool from drying out and you can continue working with the paint the next day. 

You can also cover a jar of leftover paint with clingfilm.  





If you wrap the stalks of bananas in cling film, the fruit stays fresh for a long time! 

Now I store them only so.





To hermetically close the container, use cling film!

I always do that with cosmetics before I pack them in the suitcase.

Nothing will spill! 





Keep a roll of cling film close to the front door: if you have to rush into the house with your shoes on, just wrap it around your dirty shoes.






No more draughts: film can easily hide gaps in the windows.





Trap gnats that have settled in the kitchen! 

Slice a piece of fruit, cover a bowl with cling film and make a small notch in it. 

The drosophilas will soon gather in the cup, no doubt about it, and you can kick the whole bunch out the door!





An original way to create a pattern on the walls when painting! 

Apply paint, then cover the wall with a layer of foil and remember it. 


This trick will create a unique pattern and decorate the wall with original stains!





Always cover the shelves of the refrigerator with food film! 

Perfect cleanliness: even if jam or kefir spills on the shelf, it's easier to change the film than to clean the whole fridge.





Cling film is indispensable for losing weight! 

It is very useful to wrap the body with cling film for women who want to get rid of cellulite: in problem areas blood circulation increases and there is a natural slimming.

It is also possible to enhance the effect of any facial mask, both nourishing and cleansing, using only ordinary cling film! 

Thermal effect created by the film, will ensure effective penetration into the skin of the substances contained in the mask.


thermal effect




Covering any glass with liquid with cling film and piercing it with a tube, you will make a reliable non-spill!





To keep a bouquet without water looking fresh longer, use this trick. 

Wrap the ends of the stems with a wet cloth napkin, then wrap tightly with foil.




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