How To Use Keyword Research To Find Your Best Keyword

Keyword research should be the basis of any online marketing campaign. The simple goal of keyword research is to find out what your target audience is searching and what it will take to actually rank for those keywords. Without knowing what keywords you should be targeting, how will you effectively optimize your website, target phrases for link building, or know what content to develop for your audience

Why do I need to research keywords?

To answer this question, I have put together the top reasons you need to do keyword research on a regular basis. Make better content The number one reason to conduct keyword research is to make better content. When you know what people are searching for, you can focus your efforts on creating content that answers those questions. Related: How to Build a Thriving Entrepreneurial Team Define your goals While optimizing for traffic is an important goal, it’s not the only one. Use keyword research to define a baseline for the quality of your content. Do you want to be able to: Place links in high quality content Earn backlinks from authoritative sites Do you want to rank high in search results? Focus your efforts on content Google keeps track of how frequently you update your site.


The importance of keyword research

Every company is different. Everyone has a different audience, and each audience wants different things when it comes to making a purchase online. For example, a beauty website might try to target the term “best eyelash mascara” while an IT website may try to target the term “best IT security software.” You need to pay attention to the words and phrases that your customers are typing into Google in order to figure out which words and phrases your audience will likely be searching for. How to figure out your keywords There are two main ways to research keywords and the keywords people are typing into Google. One is to use an online tool that searches the top 15 most popular keywords that related to the subject you’re working on.


What is keyword research?

Keyword research is an effort to gather data from online searches so that you can tailor your content and advertising to the needs and wants of your audience. This information can come from Google, Bing, and other search engines, which allow you to sort the results by actual search terms and the people looking for the information you’re providing. These engines also provide keyword search metrics like total traffic to the site, time spent on the site, and how many of your targeted keywords were used by the search term. Keyword research isn’t just limited to words that people are searching. Keyword research is about understanding what your audience is searching for so that you can create and write content that is related to that topic.


How to do keyword research

Before you start to do keyword research, you have to know the competition in your industry. You must know your competitors and what makes them successful. Next, you must know how you are different from your competitors and what makes your business unique. The answer to what is unique about your business will be a “keyword”. At the end of the day, you should use any keyword you find to rank for your target keyword. Search for your keyword in the search engine, look for the term that is relevant to you and your target audience and write a specific question related to that keyword. Ask yourself, “What is the most relevant question someone would be searching for and what is it that makes that specific question so interesting?


Examples of keyword research

Using content searches Searching Amazon for a new DIY product Going to Google for the lowest price Searching for homemade baby food recipe Searching Google image for ‘9 Ways to De-Pill Pills’ Create four to six lists on your computer and start jotting down keyword ideas. These keywords could be: Brands Products Memes Trends Words and phrases Those are just a few examples. Your list might look different, but make sure you include keywords that your target audience is already searching. Tools of the trade Keyword research can be a bit time-consuming, so I’ve created a few free tools that will save you a lot of time. These free tools are what I’ll use when I conduct keyword research on my clients and clients' sites.


What It Is, Why It's Important

In the beginning, you need to know the industry, then the customer, then the target keyword. The goal of keyword research is to: Acquire a core understanding of your customers Know your business domain Assess the competition Optimize your business. In order to find your target keyword, take into consideration where your audience is searching and what that keyword requires. For example, if your audience is searching for: Painting jobs Interior design Real Estate Then you'll want to target search terms like this: Painting services Interior design Real estate You'll also want to analyze your business to understand where your competition is getting their traffic.


Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research can be a very time consuming and tedious process. It’s recommended that you only take on this challenge if you have a team of people to assist you. There are many tools out there that can help you with keyword research and they come in a variety of forms. However, the tools I will discuss in this article are specifically designed for the purpose of helping you to gain meaningful keyword insights. They help you discover the top keywords and phrases that resonate with your target audience. Now that you know what tools to use, let’s get on with keyword research! Tool #1: Wordtracker Wordtracker is the most popular keyword research tool in the market. You can use this tool in two different ways to help you find keywords to target.


The Keyword Research Process

Keyword research is a process in which you: Identify your target audience (Know who you are searching for) (Know who you are searching for) Identify what it will take to rank for your target keyword(s) (I recommend Google Keyword Planner) (I recommend Google Keyword Planner) List out the top and backlinked pages of the internet that offer exactly what you are looking for Here is a short video I made that shows you the process in detail: The Keyword Research Process Step 1: Google Keyword Planner The first step is always to get to know your target audience first.


How To Analyze Your Keyword Research

Once you’ve found your keywords, you need to decide which ones to rank for. This is why you need a good keyword research tool like Screaming Frog’s Keyword Explorer. This tool is perfect for analyzing all the keywords you’ve identified and the traffic associated with them. It even breaks the keywords into regional markets, so you can see the relative search volume for each of the keyword rankings you’re looking at. You can also drill down to see the data per page and see how much of a page people were on, how many keyword matches were in a given search and more. Analyzing data is also very helpful when it comes to finding the best keyword for your website. The data will be divided into columns and allows you to monitor performance over time, trends within the keyword, and more.



Keyword research is essential to the success of an online marketing strategy. The truth is that 90% of your leads will be filtered through search engines. So if you're going to stay competitive, you need to understand how those keywords perform and where they're ranked.


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