How to use Meditation and Auric Visualization

Well should all tune into our own inner-selves. Let go of other people’s frequencies and embrace “Us” from time to time. It is important to absorb positive energy from the universe, not negative! Never absorb the negative. Only the Eros…. The positive.



Clear your mind. Become one with the knowledge, that for one to free one’s mind; one must first clear the mind. Let go of the neocortical noise. Sit in the basic meditative position touch your index and middle fingers together to your thumbs. Imagine the universe to be a big ball of yarn.

Close your eyes, and visualize. To begin let us knitt a little Toboggan like Neo wears in the matrix. Don’t worry if it's a little different than Neo's. Every Toboggan is different!  Yours may be green, or blue. It may have a large symbol embroidered on it when you’re done.  Whatever you’d like to knit. It's all good. After we have designed our Toboggans, let us sit still and know that our Toboggans are  connected through quantum entanglement. However, this exercise is for visualization purposes only. Now let’s meditate on Happy clouds.

Happy clouds come from happy thoughts. We’re going to meditate , and put a happy little cloud somewhere. Having said that; pick up your knitting needles. Now let us knit a happy little cloud. Much the way an artist paints a painting. Imagine on your happy cloud you condense all your worries! Let it become dark, negative, macabre.

Now, let us practice lighten it once again. See all of the darkness disappear.  You are knitting the light in now. Continue this process for at least three minutes,  or untill your cloud is a happy cloud again. Temporarily, let go of the perception of the universe.

It is important to expand the consciousness. All beings and objects are interconnected at the Shuman Resonance. This coincides with Alpha-waves in the brain. We will raise our interference pattern’s general vibration in our brains and auras, and loosen up a little.  We must raise our vibrations.

See the universe seemingly still around you, yet secretly vibrating at a high frequency. Firstly, imagine anti-cyclonic movement of energy. See it coming “down” from higher dimensions. Let it come to you in the form of light; undisambiguatedely. This vortex of shimmering light will calm your vibes. Close your eyes.

Allow yourself to enter a memory sense state in which you are at peace.  Now, imagine a cyclonic one. This one will remove all excess energy. Imagine clearly defining the amount of influx, allowing any additional energy to return to higher realms.

 I stated earlier this should be viewed as visualization. Visualization, like any other exercise, takes practice. Imagine all the neocortical noise and negativities slipping away, only to be dissolved in the light. The light which Has now begun to create a resonance within you. This is you. You aren’t just your body!

 The epiphysis structure is the pineal gland. It is a natural transistor of sorts. It interacts with higher dimensions.  It is made of light receptors. It also has naturally occurring micro-crystals . They are arranged like an antenna under the electron microscope.

Now that you have been given the knowledge that you aren’t bound to your mind;  we should talk about the Aura. It is very important to be able to instill stillness in your aura. 

Relax all your auric layers in your mean electron cloud(s). visualize a beautiful waterfall. Say to yourself:, “I have no restlessness. I am still inside.” Be the water changing shape to adapt as it falls. Allow yourself to fall into a more relaxed form; Spiritually, for now. Then focus on relaxing the mind, and finalize it still with the body. Defocusing Is also a useful tool. Know that there is only the nothingness. Let go of the Something-ness. What does that matter if everything is everything, and everything is nothing?

 Someone won the Nobel prize for proving the universe isn't locally existent. The universe doesn’t technically exist locally anyway... Just meditation Pay attention. Let the water change in fluidity, and density. Let it convert to a vapor, Becoming the cloud.  Reimagine yourself as the happy little cloud. Now, more knitting.

We’ve knitted our interconnected Toboggans. It will be a while until we use them, if at all.  We have also knitted happy little clouds. Doctors sometimes prescribe knitting to develop patience and relaxation. We need to further relax your mind body connection. Let’s begin knitting differently with the aura.

Let us knit the aura, from the aura; instead of “from” the brain. Imagine being the cloud, and knitting yourselves into existence. Be the cloud. Be “Being” the cloud. Don’t be “creating” the cloud. The cloud always existed for it was created in all dimensional universes of the All, Simultaneously.

There’s no time here. There’s no beginning. All dimensions are occurring everywhere all at once. Open the mind.  See them. Sense how the aura behaves. Sense how it feels. Sense it as if it always was, without need for creation. Continue Knitting please.


Remember, happy positive clouds only. Visualize yourself outside the body. Surrounding yourself from all dimensions at once. Imagine your mean electron cloud to be as a holographically encoded information-energy field. Know that you can effect the fluctuations and calibration thereof.

 I recommend study of the holographic principle, and Digital Physics theory.  These are cosmological, physics things. The focus is not about typical digital electronics.

Jason Stone


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