How to wash a white T-shirt, the most effective ways

How to wash a white T-shirt: the most effective methods


Not only women, but also men love beautiful white clothing in the summertime. This color combines perfectly with all the shades, gives a person confidence, sets a great mood. It is a shame to see a stain on a white T-shirt when you come home. It is no secret that it is very difficult to wash stains from light-colored clothing. Every hostess should know a few secrets how to wash a white T-shirt to always please yourself and your loved ones with clean things.


How to quickly launder a T-shirt at home improvised means


There are several ways to wash a stain on a white T-shirt at home, each of them is good in its own way.


Peroxide of 3% is diluted in water (for two liters of water about 1 spoon of peroxide). In the resulting liquid is placed a T-shirt. You need to give it a good soak - not less than 20 minutes. In order to peroxide whitening was uniform, it is recommended to stir the water every 5-10 minutes. For the solution to give the best effect, half a teaspoon of baking soda is added here.

How to wash a white T-shirt and return it to its original dazzling whiteness? It's simple, manganese will help. For 10 liters of hot water is added 200 grams of powder and a teaspoon of manganese. Put a T-shirt, the top of the container is covered with polyethylene. When the solution cools, the thing is pulled out and dried. In such a way at home you can remove stains from a white T-shirt of any complexity.

If the shirt is made of cotton or linen, ammonia alcohol will be perfect for bleaching. Add 7 tablespoons of ammonia to 10 liters of water. Put a white thing in the resulting solution and leave it there for two hours.

Laundry soap of 72%. The stain is rubbed generously and left for 1.5 hours to soak the fabric. After the allotted time, it is necessary to rinse the thing in powder, then in plain water.

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Now the hostess will not have any questions than to wash a white T-shirt of her child, spouse or her own. The methods presented above effectively cope with the most difficult dirt, return the T-shirt snow-white color.


Useful tips for hostesses: what you need to know about washing white T-shirts and other things


It's no secret that you can't wash both white and colored T-shirts in the same container. The same applies to fabrics. It is not recommended to wash cotton and synthetics from stains at the same time, because the fabric will fade.

It is categorically forbidden to use bleach. It will not bring back the snow-white beauty, but only removes dirt, and shortens the life of the T-shirt.

If the white T-shirt is made of cotton or linen fabric, it is recommended to wash it at 60 degrees. To restore whiteness, two tablespoons of salt are added to the water. This little secret is not known by all housewives.

Each time you machine wash white shirts, it is recommended to add a small amount of purchased liquid bleach in a special compartment, so that the thing constantly looks like a new one.

It is recommended to dry light-colored clothes under the sun, if there is such a possibility. However, in order for them not to be covered with yellow stains, it is necessary to constantly monitor whether the shirts are dry or not, and have time to remove them in time.



Now the hostess will not have additional questions about how to wash a white T-shirt at home. Using the recommendations and tips provided, hard-to-clean stains will no longer scare you


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