How To Watch Hulu on LG TV?

Do you want to watch Hulu on LG TV? If yes, but don’t know how to do it, then don’t worry.

I’m here your 'dilemma solver’.

In this article, I’ll tell you the easiest steps with which you can easily watch Hulu on your LG TV. Either you live in US or in any other country, don’t worry both the ways are covered here.

Easy Steps to watch Hulu on LG TV are as follows-

If you have the latest model of LG Smart TV then only, you can install this Hulu app on your LG TV.

So, let’s dive in…

1. The very first step is to ‘Turn on' your LG TV ,there you’ll see search bar.

2. Now, in the ‘Search bar’ you have to type Hulu.

3. Then click on the ‘Install’ button.

4. Hulu app will be installed after this.

5. Now you’ve to either set up your account or sign up.

If, you live outside US, then you can watch Hulu on LG TV by following these steps-

1. Firstly, you’ve to subscribe for this to a ‘VPN.’

2. Secondly, on your PC or laptop, ‘Download’ and ‘Install’ Hulu app.

3. Now, you’ve to ‘Sign in’ for this to the VPN’s DNS Settings page.

4. After Signing in, Click on 'Register my IP address.’

5. Now, ‘Toggle’ to enable ‘Automatically register my IP address.’

6. Don’t forget to remember your MediaStreamer DNS IP address on your Set up page.

7. And then get your hostname registered there in the MediaStreamer.

LG Models that support latest Hulu app are as follows-

• If your LG TV have webOS 3.5 or higher than this.

• All LG TVs that are powered by Roku TV i.e. Series LF5700.

• Some selected devices that have webOS 3.0, few particular models of LG TV with WebOS 3.0, which includes B6, UH6350, UH6330, UH77, UH76, UH61, are compatible with the Hulu app.

• If you have older versions of LG TV then it can support the classic Hulu app. This means you cannot access the premium and Live TV functions that are other than basic Hulu contents.

These latest models of LG TV support latest Hulu app and the subscriber gets access to all the new features that are already in-built.

Some other ways to Watch Hulu on LG Smart TV-

Apart from the above mentioned ways there are some alternative ways with which you can watch Hulu app on LG TV.

• These ways are by using streaming devices like Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon or Firestick.

• Some gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch and Xbox One can also be used for this.

I hope, I’ve solved your dilemma, now you can watch Hulu app on your LG TV without any hassle. Enjoy watching your favorite shows or movies or anything that you love alone or with your loved ones.


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