How to write a book?

You need an idea for that. It is not necessary to be deeply erudite in the field of literature, to be well versed in art. The main thing is that the idea of the book illuminates the problems of the day, was close and understandable to readers. The rest you can learn. A good idea will allow the author to stand out from the huge number of writers.

There are few among them who have their own civic position and try to defend it in their work. Many complain about the lack of problems that can be described in the pages of their works. Is that so? Rather, such authors do not have a personal point of view on painful issues and are therefore afraid to touch upon them. The books of these writers do not live long.

Work plan

It can look like the table of contents of a book with a summary of the contents. The outline will show you what the idea will be: a short story, a novella, or a novel. It will help you to structure your work properly so that the size of the chapters does not vary significantly in the number of pages. These articles can help you in writing your book.

The plot of the book

It has to be invented. To do this, the points of the plan will have to be expanded by describing in detail what will happen and in what sequence. The plot is an important part of the book. It should be worked on separately. The action should be dynamic, one event is replaced by another, more exciting. If nothing happens throughout the chapter, the reader becomes uninterested.

How to write a story

For this there is a proven structure, which is supplemented, modified. It consists of the following:

Description of the original situation: our hero, positive or not so positive, lives an ordinary life.

An unexpected event that made a change in the usual routine.

An exposition of the conflicts arising in the hero, internal with himself: doubts, remorse, fear, and external with the world around him, specific people. It is important that a real threat, dangerous to him, should arise.

The peak of the conflict, when the hero is in danger and powerless before it.


The character gets into a new position.

In order for the reader not to lose interest and not get bored, there must be mysteries in the book.

Heroes of the book

No less important than the plot. These are the faces that will express the idea of the work. They must be lively, interesting, with some features of appearance. To make the characters look vital, define their character. A positive character is added a few negative traits for variety. Otherwise it will be sugary-sweet, and the reader will lose interest in it.

Negative characters are easier to deal with: they are surrounded by a kind of attractive halo. They can be distinguished from other people by the presence of vices: a passion for gambling, drinking, women. Of great importance is the speech of the characters, it depends on the character, but in the dialogues should be different.

Each character has a previous life story. Individual points of interest can be introduced gradually into the book, without trying to overload the reader at once, so that he does not lose interest.

For believability, it is worth trying to get the hero to be similar to the reader, to have the same fears and experiences. If the idea of the book the author wants to reveal through the characters, they must have a mission: to save the world, the struggle for survival, the contrast of positive and negative characters.

It is desirable that the name and surname of the character communicate information about him or her, rather than being faceless. In many works by Russian writers characters are endowed with "speaking" initials. In the play "Thunderstorm" by Alexander N. Ostrovsky, the main character is named Katerina, which means "pure" in Greek. Her mother-in-law is called "Kabanikha." Both correspond to the characters of the women.

A character is bound to change, he cannot remain the same throughout the course of the book.

Additional aspects of writing the book

The important thing is to gather and study the material. After that, you can begin writing a draft of the piece. When it is ready, corrections have been made, changes have been made, and it is time to proofread it. If the author thinks everything is perfect, shows the book to the proofreader and editor.

There is no need to rush: the work should rest, after some time the author will want to return to it and improve what he has written. In conclusion, I would like to note that literary education is no substitute for talent and will not help to create a masterpiece. The main thing is not to stop, to write more and constantly read good books.


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