How You Can Get 20% Extra When You Add Money to Your Apple ID

How You Can Get 20% Extra When You Add Money to Your Apple ID


Apple is giving a 20 percent bonus to customers adding funds directly to their Apple ID from the App Store in India. The funds added can be used to purchase apps and games on the App Store and even pay for subscriptions such as Apple Music and Apple TV+. Customers can also use the funds to purchase additional iCloud storage pr even the Apple One subscription bundle. The offer is applicable as a one-time payment only and can be applied for funds ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 15,000.


Who is eligible?

iOS device owners in India who have connected their iCloud accounts to the App Store Eligible apps and games that can be purchased via the App Store. When can you use the extra funds? The extra funds are valid until December 31, 2018. The only limit is the maximum amount that you can purchase through the App Store with a single payment. Does the offer affect other Apple ID's? No. The extra amount can be used by iPhone users only. The only advantage the users get out of the offer is the quicker transaction and a cashback. What is the scope of this deal? This is not the first time Apple has rolled out a significant offer. Earlier this year, the company extended Apple Music offers for three months for free to users in India.


What are the benefits?

Offers vary based on the amount of money that you are adding to your Apple ID but you are guaranteed to get an extra 5 percent for every transaction done using the money that you are adding to your Apple ID. This offer is valid until 23 February 2019, and there is no limit on the amount of money that you can add. The offer is valid for Apple Pay only. This offer can also be used to pay for purchases using iTunes or App Store credit. How to get 20 percent bonus cash when you add money to your Apple ID All you need to do is go to the App Store app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and tap on the plus button to add funds to your Apple ID.


How do I get 20% of my App Store purchase?

If you have made an App Store purchase of a single app, game, or in-app purchase in India, you can apply the promotional 20 percent offer. Apple has also clarified that the offer can be taken only once and that the discount will be applied to the entire transaction. In other words, any subsequent payments made will not get you the 20 percent discount. This also means that there is no hidden cost. The discounted amount is just deducted from your existing transaction and appears as a cash out when you select the "I Want to Cash Out" button. How to Get the 20% Bonus in the App Store? Visit the App Store. Click the menu at the top right corner. Select the "Cancel All Purchases" option. Select the "Add to Apple ID" option. Add the amount of funds required to be added.


Other ways of getting 20% off on App Store purchases

The 20 percent extra is valid only in India and can be used to add funds to your Apple ID from the App Store on the App Store in India. The offer is limited to one transaction per person. If you are an existing iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch user in India, you can take advantage of the additional 20% discount. Users can also choose to add funds to their Apple ID for their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch through any of these methods: 1) Create or login into your Apple ID. You can do this by clicking on the apple button or logging into your Apple account at 2) If you are a customer, select on the All Products in the main left side menu of the App Store to go to "My App Purchases." Click on the Continue button to add your Apple ID as a payment source.


Get 20% off when you add money to your Apple ID from the iTunes store

Get a Rs. 100 instant discount when you buy an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch at a participating Apple reseller Don't forget that the one-time transaction only allows you to purchase a maximum of Rs. 15,000. So, before you go ahead and spend your money, make sure that you understand your eligibility and the details on the given website. Also, if you want to purchase your iPhone or iPad at the Apple Retail Store, this offer is not applicable.



This is a good offer as now you can get free premium content for a low premium price. In my previous article, I mentioned that there are ways to make App Store purchases even cheaper with a minimal amount of inconvenience. Go for in-app subscriptions to make your Apple apps and games cheaper.


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