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Huawei brand continues the development of the Mate series of smart devices, embodying in each of them the most advanced technology. About the unique features of the new Huawei MateView GT 34" and 27" devices. Entering the monitor market, Huawei aims to influence it, to bring in fresh trends, to offer users a new level of comfort and to expand the capabilities of other devices working in conjunction with the monitor. However, the sales volume is not on the list of the main goals.

MateView GT Series features a curved screen designed with peripheral vision in mind. This solution provides a fully immersive experience and enhances the viewing experience. The view covers the whole picture without strain, preventing quick eye fatigue. The monitors are equipped with an eye protection mode against flicker and blue light. Available refresh rate is up to 165 hertz. This high rate guarantees smooth frame rates in fast-moving scenes. DCI-P3 90 percent color coverage and 8 to 10-bit color depth ensure rich and realistic images. Uniqueness The more expensive Huawei MateView GT with a 34-inch wide screen and 3K screen is already on sale. Its younger version with a diagonal of 27 inches is aimed at young people, enthusiastic about media content, and will be available for pre-order from October. The Huawei MateView GT 27" gaming monitor features a screen with an extreme radius of curvature of 1500R. The aspect ratio is 16:9, the resolution is 2560x1440. All this together creates an effect of presence in games and when watching movies, TV shows. Each monitor is individually calibrated at the factory to ensure accurate color reproduction within ΔE<2.

The Delta E value is the matching of hues on the screen to the incoming colors. In this model it is less than two, at this value the human eye can no longer see the difference, which means the picture on the screen will seem as accurate as possible to the user.

Top quality standards Following strict quality standards, the company's MateView series showcases engineering excellence. Before being introduced to the world, the monitor has passed numerous tests in Huawei's laboratory with 100% success: 5 thousand continuous automatic tests of the power button, 10 thousand continuous automatic tests with screen wake-up, 10 thousand continuous automatic tests of the touch menu, 24 by 7 system stability test, including the eight-level power supply protection mechanism. MateView GT 27" supports dark zone management function. This can be useful for quickly adjusting screen brightness when you need to detect opponents in your gaming space. The matrix response time is 4 milliseconds, which gives you an advantage in fast-paced video games. The device can be adjusted in height and angle.

The stand has a sleek and symmetrical design that combines technology and aesthetics. The back panel is decorated with a pattern of silver rings, which echoes the Mate series symbolism and gives the monitor a futuristic element. To connect to your sources, the monitor has two HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort 1.4 progressive and high-speed port and a USB Type-C port. There is also a 3.5mm audio output for headphones and microphone.


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