Huawei unveiled a 135W smartphone and laptop charger

Owners of mobile devices and laptops with the Huawei logo will be able to take advantage of more charging power for their equipment - a charger has appeared, which will allow you to recharge with 135 W of power.


Fast charging technologies are one of the elements most often developed by modern technology companies. A few days ago, Xiaomi introduced the ability to recharge smartphones with 200W of power, and now Huawei has introduced a similar solution.


A 135-watt rechargeable battery charger has gone on sale. The accessory uses a USB Type-C port, and the included cable is 1.8 m long.


What is important, we can use the charger for both laptops and smartphones - this is very important information, especially for mobile devices, because today's fast charging technology makes it possible to replenish power in products with up to 66W, which means more than half of what it is now.


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