Human Gratitude

Human Gratitude


I think that's a characteristic everyone has heard at least once in their life. And often we perceive, quite unconsciously, the act of gratitude as some action that is expected from us as a kind of payment for the good that we have received. And this is partly true, but only partly, and only on the surface. For gratitude is not about "Benefit" "Giving," not about giving, no matter how much the etymology of the word hints at it.

In the first place, it is a feeling and a reactive feeling, that is, a reaction to something that comes from the outside. Simply put, gratitude is about the ability to accept this very thing that comes from the outside. And this is what you already, as a consequence, give for good? That is you give. I dare say that you give love. Love is just about the ability to give. And it always comes as a consequence. And it does not arise without gratitude. Such a sweet couple, such a "yin-yang" of basis of the Universe.

We will speak about love separately, since it is a profound and disputable topic. Today we will talk about gratitude.

So, the skill of acceptance. Yes, it is a skill, too. And it is worked out. And it is very important to do it. Why? If only for the reason that the ability to give thanks positively affects the quality of your life. And as a collective creature, your quality of life directly affects the quality of life of others and so on.

So how do you develop this important skill? First of all, through awareness. And I'm not so much talking about gratitude in response to some specific service rendered to you by a specific person. This is more or less obvious (although, alas, not for everyone).

I'm more about the awareness of the value that each of us possesses when we come into the world. About the value of life in feeling.

It's about realizing the importance of the presence and significance in your life of the people who gave you this life, your parents.

The importance of every moment of your life when you can take another breath.

About the realization that at birth you have a huge potential for development and growth, although you have not done anything for it yet.

The realization of the greatness and splendor of the world around you, of which you are lucky enough to be a part.

About the realization of the unfathomable miracle, which is your realization of yourself as a person.

I mean that you should try to be grateful for every little thing that enters your life every second.

You take a shower in the morning, standing under the hot water - be thankful.

If there is no hot water, be thankful there is water.

No water, be thankful there's a faucet that's going to make it flow someday... That there's a roof over your head... some clothes... a piece of bread... the kindness of at least one person... Just the fact that you woke up today...

You know what I mean? You can always find something to be grateful for when there is an awareness of the value you received when you took your first breath.

That's what I mean about being able to accept. Accepting with a sense of inner awe and understanding that someone else doesn't have what you have as well. No matter how unfair your life seems to you and filled with nothing but deprivation and shortcomings. Some don't have that either. And some don't have it at all.

It is up to you and you alone to accept with gratitude the baseline data that make up your life today and to realize your responsibility for what data you will have tomorrow.

Fill your life with this feeling. Give thanks. And at some point, you will vividly realize both what love is, and what happiness is, and what real life is!


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