Hurry up to buy dollar: the expert named terms of currency devaluation

In case of emergencies and unforeseen situations, the dollar exchange rate may begin to rise sharply.


This was stated by Russian economist Mikhail Delaying, reports IA DELTA.RU with reference to YouTube-channel Aurora.


The expert's opinion: the value of the U.S. currency will increase in value even in a situation of a new economic crisis in the country.  The reason for this will be the dollar's lack of comparably liquid alternatives on a global scale.


In this connection, those who wanted to earn on the growth of the dollar short, that is quickly buying and selling the dollar at peak values, probably, will be able to do so in the foreseeable future, because the probability of shocks is high.


However, after the fever and agony of the coming catastrophe fades into the background, the dollar is likely to be severely devalued because, with global markets going to zero, the dollar will begin to look for a replacement. Then the power of the currency could decline


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