The Siberian Husky breed became popular around the world only in the 1970s, and few people know that it is actually one of the most ancient. These dogs first appeared with the Chukchi, who used them to quickly transport goods from hunting grounds to settlements. Due to the small size of these animals in a team harnessed up to 17 dogs. With time, by the beginning of the twentieth century, this breed almost disappeared in Russia and remained only in the United States, where it was brought for the Alaskan races. The Husky breed has spread in many countries of the world only when at one of the shows its owners presented a beautiful dog of white and black color with blue eyes, which won prizes in its group. Back to Russia, this breed returned after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Today, Huskies can be divided into three categories, which differ in appearance and abilities: racing, working and exhibition dogs.

Huskies are the epitome of speed and lightness. Dogs of this breed have an average height (50-60 cm at the withers) and weight (15-28 kg). Due to the thick coat and well-developed undercoat they perfectly tolerate the cold. The coat color can be almost any color, but the most typical are gray-white and black-and-white Huskies. Also typical is the mask around the eyes, but it is not a mandatory characteristic of the breed.

By nature, these animals are very friendly, treat children well and almost never show aggression. Husky is categorically not recommended for use as a guard dog, because when you try to cause aggression to people, it very often begins to have mental disorders. These dogs due to their thick fur can feel fine in an outdoor enclosure in a private home, but also Huskies are well suited for living in an apartment. But it's not worth to get them for people who can't give them enough time for care: they constantly need long walks and physical activity; otherwise, the animal may become ill and lose its cheerfulness. They do not like to be alone for a long time and miss their owners very much. You should always be careful with your pets: due to the fact that they are very curious and always eager to walk, they can come up with a lot of ways to escape from the house: digging a dig, opening closed doors, jumping over rather high obstacles and many other things.

Huskies are a very tidy breed of dog. In apartment conditions, they shed little and their skin and coat are odorless. Thick undercoat should be combed out from time to time. Other special care is not required.

Most people today choose Huskies as a pet because of the bright appearance and good cheerful character. These animals, in turn, become loyal friends to their owners, and in many ways make their lives more exciting and varied.


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