Hydroponics. Persian Princess Soraya, or how to grow premium strawberries from seeds

Growing plants is one of my main hobbies, and in this article I will tell you how to grow delicious strawberries from seeds.

Why from seeds? It's easier not to bother, but to buy seedlings! - some will say. But alas, with the purchased seedlings, not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance. The main problem of purchased seedlings is fungal diseases and the presence of eggs or larvae of pests. Even buying seedlings from well-known European nurseries, you risk getting infected plants, and bringing unwanted guests to your garden plot in the form of thrips, spider mites, cicadas, whiteflies and others like them.

Growing strawberries from seeds allows you to get healthy, sterile plants in a short period of time, and avoid unexpected encounters with fungal infections and insect pests.

What you will need to grow strawberries from seeds: Strawberry


Coconut substrate \ mineral wool

Growing capacity

Purified water



Lamps for lighting seedlings

Socket - timer

Strawberry seeds


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