I Wish I Had Never Met The Young Man

Lucinda was in her room, tears rushing down her cheeks as she told Vivian, her daughter the story of her life.



Lucinda was the best student in her class as she was very intelligent and she always came first in her class.

Everything was perfect, except the fact that they were poor. After school hours, she would go and hawk bread for the survival of her parents and siblings.


This went on for a long time, till one day when she finished hawking her goods, she realized that all the monies she had were lost. She did not know what to do and she became restless.


Just then, a guy named Hillary called her and asked her; "What's wrong?"

She explained to him and he asked her how much the money she lost was. She told him and he gave her the money she lost, he even gave her extra money.


Lucinda, filled with appreciation knelt and thanked him. He told her to stand up, then he gave her his card. 

From then, he sent money to her regularly. Her mother was very happy that she was always making money. She (her mother) didn't even ask her where she got the money from.


This went on for a long time, until one day, he invited her to his house. She couldn't turn it down because he had been helping her, she felt that if she did, she's ungrateful.

Also, she knew her mom wouldn't allow her to do such.


Her mom traveled and that was the best opportunity. On getting there, Hillary gave her a drink which she gladly accepted. He also asked her out and she agreed.


They both went to the hotel and got talking, he then ordered an alcoholic drink.


When Lucinda saw it, she wasn't feeling comfortable. She felt that he had something up his sleeves.

She told him that she doesn't drink alcohol, but he urged her. She decided to taste it.


It was very delicious and she kept on drinking till she was high. She wasn't conscious of herself, so he slept with her.


When she sobered up and realized what he did to her, she sobbed.


He apologized and brainwashed her saying he needed a child and that he was going to marry her.


Weeks later, she started having the symptoms of pregnancy. She was vomiting, spitting, and having a fever. Her mom was worried and took her to the hospital.


The result came out as a bombshell to Lucinda's mom. Lucinda was pregnant. Her mom fainted when she heard the news.


A few hours later when they were at home, Lucinda's mom beat her up mercilessly.

She forced Lucinda to tell her who the father of the child was and Lucinda up opened up and told her everything. She dropped out of school as she was ashamed of herself.


There was no money to take care of Lucinda's antenatal, so they had to go to Hillary's house.


On getting there, they realized that he had parked out and another tenant was living there. Lucinda cried her eyes out when she realized her mistake. She decided that she was going to give birth to the baby.


She continued her schooling while her mom took care of her baby whom they named Vivian.


Two years later, she was done with high school.


One day, Hillary came home with a car and visited Lucinda and her mom. He apologized to them saying he had wanted to make money first so that he could take care of Lucinda and his baby.


They swallowed all his lies; hook line and sinker and he gave them a huge sum of money.


One day, he invited Lucinda to his house. She accepted the invitation since she had already forgiven him.

The house was the biggest of its kind and she was astounded. She was excited, thinking he might want to propose to her.


He served her a juice in a glass cup and he also served himself one. Unknown to her, he added a substance to her drink. After few minutes, she fell into a deep sleep.


Hillary then carried her in his car and took her to a shrine where he used her womb for rituals. Her womb was collected in the spiritual realm.


When he was done with all the rites, a huge sum of money was credited to his bank account and he was excited.


He drove Lucinda to her house and traveled out of the country.


When she woke up, she was surprised to see herself at home and she wondered what might have happened to her.


Weeks passed, yet no call, messages, or visitations from him. She began to worry. She tried his line, but it went to voicemail.

She decided to visit him. Ok getting there, she realized that she had been fooled by him a second time and she cried herself out.


Months later, she wasn't feeling too well so she went to the hospital for a check-up. To her uttermost surprise, the doctor told her that her womb had been damaged and that she wouldn't be able to have kids.


She was shocked and remembered what happened at Hillary's mansion, how she had been drugged. 

Now, because of her foolishness, she had lost everything; Hillary, whom she had fallen in love with, and she wouldn't be able to have kids. The thought was heart-wrenching and she wailed in a loud voice;

 'I wish I had never met the young man.'



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