ian asher - the man who sold his unlucky life

Ian Usher didn't know where he could find the money for all his unfulfilled dreams. After thinking for a long time, he decided that he would just sell his life, which he was very bored with... Unbelievable, you may say! And just imagine, he did sell it!


Like all people, Ian dreamed of an interesting job and a happy family. But unfortunately, neither the first nor the second he had.


Ian was almost 50 and working as an ordinary carpet salesman in a small store in Australia, his marriage was finally bursting at the seams, and he hated his job as it was. After the divorce, Ian plunged headlong into a severe depression. He didn't like everything in his life and decided to sell his failing life on eBay.

The lot, "The Life of Ian Usher," included his house with all the appliances and furniture, a motorcycle, a car, parachute gear, a jet ski, a workplace and, of course, the familiarity of all his friends and colleagues. The description of his lot ended with these words: "my life is enough for me, I do not need it anymore. The starting price for the lot was only $1.


At the end of the auction, at the end of the week "his life" was sold for 305 thousand dollars.

Ian Usher himself was left with his passport, the money he received, and a list of 100 things he dreamed of doing with his life.


The first thing on his list was to go to Dubai and ski in the blazing sun, which he did. Then there were just crazy 2 years that Ian spent like probably every one of us dreams - he ran in Spain with bulls, swam in Africa with white sharks and with whales in Japan, walked the Great Wall of China, learned to fly an airplane and saw all the outstanding waterfalls in the world with his own eyes. Next, he finally met his idol, Richard Branson, and starred in a small role in Hollywood.


Two years later, Ian Usher suddenly discovered that he had fulfilled 93 items on his "list of unfulfilled dreams." In just two years he had accomplished everything he had dreamed of! And he had dreamed about it his whole life!

Now he is completely satisfied with himself and his life, he did not want to fulfill the remaining 7 desires, because he felt happiness, freedom and peace of mind. With the last 30 thousand he bought himself a small abandoned island off the coast of Panama, on which he built a nice house with his own hands.


He now lives there with his beloved woman named Moe, whom he met while sledding in Canada. He and Moe now co-publish children's books in Canada, travel periodically around the world, and smile a lot.


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