Ice cream at home - step-by-step photo recipe

Do you know about such a special ice cream as premium ice cream? It is not affordable for an ordinary buyer, it is very expensive. After all, it is made from natural ingredients.


But it's worth a little work and at home without special ice cream makers, you can create a real ice cream with berries no worse than the one you looked at without being able to eat.

Which berry will be better in this ice cream? Any, choose according to your taste – cherries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries. You can maneuver with taste nuances, setting off those that you like. For example, 50 g of your favorite chocolate or the same amount of lemon juice will help you with this.

This ice cream recipe can be slightly adjusted, bringing a certain adulthood to it. To do this, you just need to pour a little liqueur into the cooled mass.

Cooking time: 5 hours 0 minutes

Quantity: 5 servings


Fat cream: 2 tbsp.

Cherry (any other cherry): 2.5 art .

Milk: 0.5 tbsp.

Sugar: 0.5 tbsp.

Salt: a pinch


Cooking instructions Remove the bones from the washed cherries. Transfer one and a half cups of berries to a saucepan. Cut the rest into halves and let them stay in the refrigerator for now.

Cook the selected cherries with sugar, milk, a glass of cream and salt.

Before boiling – on medium heat, after setting the minimum burning mode of the burner, another 15 minutes.gorenje. This is where the first failure may lie in wait, if you have not checked the dairy products in advance, how fresh they are. I didn't check, I was too lazy to boil some cream and milk separately. And the cream has curdled or the milk, who will sort it out now?! In a word - milk and cream should be fresh and not curdle.

Next, we grind the resulting mass with a blender until homogeneous.

In the process of preparing the base for ice cream, try. After all, someone wants very sweet, but for someone it is unacceptable.

While mixing the mass, add the remaining cream to it. It is not necessary to take a mixer for these purposes, although some recipes recommend it. I'm a mixer here


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