If a man does not respect a woman, he gives out these 7 phrases

1. I earn money for the family, and you? 

It does not matter whether a woman works or stays at home with children, the main thing is that the man reproaches her that here he makes a great contribution to the relationship, and his partner - not. They say the contribution is small or meaningless. Like rearrange the furniture, change the curtains and mop the floor. And babysitting is nothing. 


I know from my own experience that even I occasionally thought that in moments of conflict, and it is a very unpleasant thought. Such a thought humiliates the woman, as if next to you is not a person, but a useless creature. But then why do you need such a woman? 


2.Women are unreasonable creatures. 

This is an attempt to belittle a woman and show that she doesn't understand anything. But it was proven a long time ago that the brains of women and men do not differ, and there are a lot of intelligent women. 


Usually men who say that like to belittle women by bragging about their intelligence or knowledge. But you can use that intelligence to help or support your partner. 


3.We don't need renovations/vacations/new furniture. 

A classic devaluation of other people's desires - we do not need anything. This is usually said by men who don't want to work for home improvements and general comfort at home. 


4. your silly emotions again. 

When a woman is unhappy about something, like being upset that you're not going anywhere, or afraid for the baby, or angry that you put a chair in the wrong place, you feel like her emotions are useless and only interfere with your relationship. 


After all, everything was fine, and again she has a tantrum over nothing. But we have exactly the same outbursts of anger or irritation over "trivial" things for women, like when we want to be alone and watch TV/YouTube and we get distracted. Or, when we want to go rummage around in the car and my wife grumbles ("you're messing with your car again"). It's nothing to her, but it's important to us. so maybe it's easier to respect each other's emotions and desires? 


5. It's your own fault; you pissed me off. 

One of the saddest things a man can say. Why? Because it's shifting responsibility for his feelings. "I'm mad, and it's her fault!" That's what kids who don't want or know how to acknowledge that their emotions are just their emotions say. By the way, this is often said by men who have hit women. That's a total bottom line. 


6. Women are all manipulative. 

As a rule, men say this with bitterness, they say that we are so naive, but we are fooled. But for some reason in business or work no one (well, almost no one) is not constantly cheating. So, they wanted it. 


In general, from a scientific point of view, absolutely all human speech, 100% - manipulation. Any words are necessary so that you do what you need to do. Both women and men want something from each other all the time, they don't tell you everything, they're afraid to say it straight, etc. 


7. Don't like it? Look for another. 

This phrase means that the man is not going to change. And if the woman doesn't need him like that, then let him go. Usually this is the end, because the man no longer wants to take care of his wife/girl and tired of her, so he does not care. If he leaves, he leaves. 


I wrote a big article about this a long time ago - about men who live under the illusion that they should be accepted as they are. Unfortunately, this is unrealistic for neither men nor women. Do you want to hold on to your partner? You have to conform. You don't want to? Then you don't need a partner. Let's face it.


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