If a tire blowout occurs on the road, what should the driver do?

Simple Solutions


If a driver is prudent, he always has a spare tire with him. Therefore, a punctured tire will not be a problem for such car owners. They simply replace the punctured wheel with a new one and drive on. But there are some nuances:


- There may be no spare tire in the trunk;


- Lack of tools;


- not everyone knows how to change a tire.


You can use some recommendations that will help get to the nearest tire service.


1. It is necessary to inspect the damaged wheel. It is possible that the tire is not too flat, and you can fix the situation with a foot pump. You can inflate the tire and drive to the first tire service station.


2. If the tire is tubeless, the tire will run down slowly, and you can drive to a tire service station if one is available nearby.


If there is a puncture, you need to understand the cause. A nail is often the cause of a flat tire. If the nail is left in the tire, you should not remove it. In this case, the nail covers the puncture and helps keep the air out. You can drive to the tire shop, periodically inflating the tire.


It is important to remember, if the tire is flat, you must drive slowly, otherwise you may lose control of the vehicle. Whatever the cause, the driver should have the tire replaced. This can be done at 24-hour tire services or by calling a tire service on the spot.


Little tricks


Motorists know various tricks that will help in the case of a punctured wheel to get to the station. If there is a puncture on the tire, but the damaged object is not stuck in it, you can use a self-tapping screw. You need to carefully place it in the puncture, at the same angle, and inflate the tire a little.


Some motorists specially for such cases carry with them a sealant. It will help in cases where the puncture is minor, and the tire service is nearby. Most car owners who frequently drive off-road carry a repair kit with them. This kit contains everything you need to get the tire in working order and drive to the specialists.


Don't forget about the off-road tire service. Going on the road, it is better to know their numbers. In the case of a punctured tire, on-site specialists will help solve the problem on the spot.


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